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Our approach to heart surgery

Heart disease doesn't just affect your health, it takes away your peace of mind. That's why our team works together to customize a treatment plan that fits your unique needs and goals, not just your condition. 

We're skilled at a wide range of cardiac surgeries, including valve replacements, surgeries to correct arrhythmias and bypass surgeries. Regardless of the procedure, our focus is improving your health and quality of life.

Conditions we treat

Tests and treatments

Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), on and off pump

Like any other muscle, your heart requires a steady blood supply. When the heart’s blood flow is reduced or blocked, you may need heart bypass surgery. Traditionally, this surgery requires the heart to be stopped, and a heart-lung machine pumps blood to the body during surgery. This procedure is called on-pump coronary artery bypass surgery.

WellSpan also offers a technique called off-pump coronary artery bypass, in which the heart remains beating throughout surgery. In both options, our heart surgeons use healthy blood vessels to bypass the blockage and restore blood flow to the heart.

Heart valve replacement and repair

Our experts use the latest, minimally advanced techniques to repair and replace heart valves that aren’t working properly. Depending on your particular situation, your WellSpan cardiac surgeon may recommend:

  • aortic valve repair and replacement, including transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)
  • mitral valve repair and replacement, including the MitraClip® procedure and mitral valvuloplasty
  • tricuspid valve repair and replacement
  • percutaneous valve repair
  • balloon valvuloplasty

Aortic aneurysm repair

Our cardiac and vascular surgeons are skilled at treating people experiencing aortic aneurysms and dissections. Sometimes, treatment may involve an endovascular repair, which is a less invasive approach. Other times, aortic aneurysms and dissections require traditional, open surgery.

Device implants

Some heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) require an implantable device to help maintain a regular heartbeat and manage other symptoms. Your doctor may recommend you receive a pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) to help keep your heartbeat steady. 

How we can help

WellSpan is a leader in the field of cardiac surgery, with more than 500 heart surgeries performed each year. Our cardiac surgeons combine their deep experience and knowledge with the very latest medical technologies to provide patients with their best possible outcomes.

We perform a wide range of cardiac surgeries, including valve replacements, surgeries to correct arrhythmias and bypass surgeries. Regardless of the procedure, our focus is improving your health and quality of life.

It’s completely normal to be intimidated by the prospect of heart surgery. As a cardiac patient at WellSpan, you’ll have a care team who listens to your concerns and answers all your questions. With our support, you can approach your surgery with greater confidence and peace of mind.

When it comes to your treatment, what’s important to you is important to us. We align your care with the goals you set for yourself. Then, we help put those goals within reach by drawing on all the resources WellSpan and non-WellSpan providers can offer, as well as support from community organizations, family, friends and coworkers.

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Reduced risk bypass

Off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery is a technique that stabilizes the beating heart during surgery and doesn't require a heart-lung bypass machine.

This advancement may reduce your risks of inflammation, infection and irregular heart rhythms after surgery. The procedure can also involve a smaller incision, shorter hospital stay and faster recovery.

World's most advanced life support

WellSpan York Hospital has been honored with an ELSO Gold Level Award for Excellence in Life Support — the only hospital in South-Central Pennsylvania to have this distinction — for our highly specialized extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) program.

Recognition for high performance

We've been recognized with highest ratings and awards for our high-quality, cost-effective cardiac care, our treatment of heart attacks and heart failure, and our excellent aortic valve replacement (AVR) outcomes.

Find us close to home

WellSpan offers cardiac surgery at both WellSpan York Hospital and WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital. Our York-based cardiac surgeons also see patients at our other hospitals, so you can stay closer to home for your pre- and post-surgery appointments.