Cancer Genetic Testing and Counseling

Uncover cancer risks and empower your family’s health journey.

About cancer genetic testing and counseling

Cancer genetic testing can assess your risk of developing certain cancers that tend to run in families. Testing for you and your family may be a good idea if you've been diagnosed with certain cancers at a young age, such as breast or colon cancer.

You may also be a candidate for genetic testing if you have a significant family history of cancer, such as:

  • relatives diagnosed with cancer before they reached the age of 50
  • multiple family members with the same or related cancers (such as breast and/or ovarian)
  • one or more family members with a rare cancer (such as male breast cancer)
  • a relative with a known genetic mutation in a cancer predisposition gene (such as BRCA1/2)

After genetic testing, you'll work with your certified genetic counselor to understand your results and make informed decisions about cancer prevention and treatment. Our genetic counseling consultations are offered free of charge, with in-person and secure video sessions available.

Your genetic counselor will:

  • collect detailed information about your family history
  • identify which family members should be tested, including children, siblings, and/or cousins
  • determine the most appropriate genetic tests to be done
  • interpret and explain the complex results, so you understand your unique risk
  • make tailored recommendations for cancer screenings and preventive measures, so you can take proactive steps to guard against cancer
  • help you and your healthcare team apply your results to your medical care decisions, now and for the future
  • connect you to supportive, informative and research-related resources

Our genetic counselors are highly trained and experienced. We're dedicated to helping you understand your risk of hereditary cancer and making informed decisions about your health. And we'll support you every step of the way.