Brain Tumor Care

Brains need cancer care that's tactical, targeted and timely

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Our approach to brain tumor care

We understand a brain tumor can impact your quality of life in countless ways. That’s why our team of neurosurgeons collaborate to provide the best treatment options — and the right one for you. We offer a full range of cancer treatments, including multiple types of surgical procedures, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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Medical and surgical expertise

Our York-based team of neurosurgeons provides medical and surgical treatment options for a range of brain tumors. This includes traditional open surgery, skull-base surgery, minimally invasive surgical techniques and more.

Advanced diagnostic testing

To better locate your tumor and get an accurate diagnosis, we offer a variety of advanced diagnostic tests. These include CT scans, MRI scans, electroencephalograms, biopsies and lumbar punctures.

Targeted radiation treatment

We offer proton therapy, a highly advanced and targeted type of radiation that delivers a higher radiation dose to the cancer while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. This can lead to faster tumor shrinkage and improved quality of life during treatment.

Early detection and treatment

Early detection and treatment is of the utmost importance for brain tumors. Our team works quickly and efficiently to diagnose and begin treating brain tumors as soon as possible, which can lead to better outcomes.

Industry leading collaboration

The WellSpan Cancer Institute works in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore to provide you with options like second opinions, expanded clinical trials, advanced gene therapy and access to specialists who treat the most complex cancers.