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Our approach to anxiety and mood disorders care

Anxiety, depression and other mood disorders can significantly impact your life, making it difficult to work, go to school and maintain relationships.

With our comprehensive and personalized approach, we focus on the whole person, not just the symptoms. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a treatment plan that addresses your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Our team of experienced mental health professionals includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and counselors. We offer a wide range of services, including therapy, counseling, medication management and support groups. We’ll also work closely with your primary care provider to ensure coordinated care.

Let us help you manage your mood disorder to improve your quality of life.

Conditions we treat

Mood disorders vary in severity, duration and symptoms, significantly impacting well-being. These disorders, such as major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder, involve disturbances in mood that go beyond the normal fluctuations experienced in everyday life.

Professional evaluation is crucial to developing personalized treatment plans, helping you regain control of your emotional well-being.

Common mood disorders include:

Anxiety disorders: The anxiety extends beyond occasional worry or fear, persisting and intensifying over time and significantly impacting daily activities, work performance, academic pursuits and relationships. Types of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder. These conditions affect more than 21 percent of adults in America (42.5 million individuals) each year.

Major depressive disorder (MDD): Characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness and loss of interest in activities, this disorder may include changes in appetite, sleep patterns and energy levels.

Bipolar disorder: Previously known as manic-depressive illness, this disorder involves mood swings between episodes of depression and mania, characterized by elevated mood, increased energy and impulsivity.

Persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia): This is a chronic depression lasting at least two years, with periods of less severe symptoms, but overall persistent mood disturbance.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): This depression occurs seasonally, typically in fall and winter due to reduced sunlight exposure.

Tests and treatments

Evaluation for a mood disorder usually starts with a visit to your primary care provider. Some physical health conditions, like an overactive thyroid, low blood sugar and certain medications, can mimic or exacerbate anxiety disorders, so your doctor may perform tests or screenings to rule out those conditions.

A comprehensive mental health evaluation is also highly beneficial, as anxiety disorders often coexist with related conditions such as depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. We’ll work closely with your primary care physician to properly address all your mental health needs.

We offer a variety of treatment options and therapies to help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life, including:

  • talk therapy
  • coping strategies
  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)
  • lifestyle modifications — exercise, sleep and diet
  • medication management

For severe depression, we offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy in Lebanon and Mt. Gretna.

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Access to care made easy

We work closely with your primary care provider to ensure streamlined coordination of care. Don't hesitate to reach out to your primary care doctor about any concerns — they may even be able to help you secure a behavioral health appointment sooner.

Locations throughout our region

We’re conveniently located in Lebanon, Lancaster, York, Adams and Franklin counties, making it easier for you to receive the care you need, close to home.

Virtual care at your fingertips

For your convenience, we offer virtual care options for outpatient counseling services. This allows you to receive professional support from the comfort of your own home.

One call is all you need to make

With just one phone call to our Behavioral Health Access Center, you can speak to a knowledgeable representative who will assist you in finding the right level of care and scheduling an appointment. We’re here to help you on your journey to wellness.