Addiction Services

Your road to recovery starts here

Focus on smiling mid adult man in group therapy - stock photo
The focus is on the smiling mid adult man in group therapy.

Our approach to addiction services

We understand addiction doesn’t just affect you, it changes your life. Simple things, like going to work, spending time with loved ones and enjoying hobbies, are suddenly challenging activities. We're here to help you get back to living your best life, effectively treating your behavioral addictions and substance abuse disorders.

Conditions we treat

We're here to help you every step of the way, on your road to recovery.

Behavioral addictions:

  • gambling
  • gaming

Substance abuse disorders:

  • opioids
  • alcohol
  • nicotine

Tests and treatments

We take an integrated approach, caring for the whole person — medical, social, substance use disorder treatment and more. We offer a variety of treatment options and support groups.

Medication assisted treatment

We use medication assisted treatment as an appropriate and helpful intervention when necessary.

Lifestyle changes

We create custom treatment plans that may also include lifestyle changes (like exercise, diet and sleep) where appropriate and helpful.

Support for families

We provide support for family members of loved ones struggling with addiction.


We offer a WARM Line, similar to a Hotline, for addiction. Call 1-844-WARM-Line (1-844-9276-5463).

Heavy focus on opioid use disorder

We are committed to providing support, resources and mentoring for those battling an opioid use disorder.

Why choose WellSpan for addiction services?

At WellSpan, we understand that choosing the right provider for addiction treatment is a difficult decision. Our expert team is prepared to assist you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. We have all the necessary resources to support your success.

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