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Robotic expertise: Our surgical team keeps striving after thousands of procedures

2024_INET and web_Robotic surgery milestones

Almost 20 of our surgeons recently were recognized for hitting milestones in robotic surgery of performing either 500 or 1,000 procedures. The group is part of a team that collectively has performed more than 30,000 of these high-tech procedures that offer many benefits to our patients.

Robotic surgery, a minimally invasive approach that is robotic assisted, features significantly less pain, less blood loss, fewer complications, and smaller incisions with minimal scarring. All of those factors lead to a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery, and a faster return to normal activities.

Our patients have convenient access to robotic surgery in their own neighborhoods, as the surgery is available at the hospitals across our system. WellSpan York Hospital – where surgeons have performed almost 15,000 robotic procedures – recently joined an elite group of robotic-assisted surgical centers in Pennsylvania by being accredited as a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery by the Surgical Review Corporation, a nonprofit patient safety organization. It was the first health care facility in South Central Pennsylvania to reach this prestigious accreditation. 


Seven of our surgeons have performed 1,000 procedures. They include Dr. David Bryant, Dr. Kurt Graupensperger, Dr. Jason Marone, Dr. Ricardo Po, Dr. Nadeem Quazi, Dr. Paul Sipe, and Dr. Justin Snyder.

A dozen surgeons have performed 500 procedures. They include Dr. Ashish Behari, Dr. Akia Caine, Dr. Dennis Easter, Dr. Dan Henriksen, Dr. John Lawrence, Dr. Eav Lim, Dr. Ketankumar Patel, Dr. Carlos Roberts, Dr. Faiz Shariff, Dr. Scott Tiedebohl, Dr. Benjamin Vabi, and Dr. Osvaldo Zumba.

These surgeons were recognized at the annual WellSpan Robotic Surgery Retreat. The retreat is designed to contribute to our team’s ongoing education, as they continue to deepen their knowledge and expertise.

At the retreat, physicians gathered to examine data across surgical specialties, advance patient care, further surgical precision, and boost the overall effectiveness of robotic surgery services.