The WellSpan Spotlight

Worksite Safety: Construction Manager Partners with OSHA for Tower Project

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and LF Driscoll & Benchmark Construction Joint Venture, the construction management team for the new Surgical and Critical Care Tower at York Hospital, have joined forces to foster a safe work environment for the project.

Through an OSHA Strategic Partnership, both organizations aim to minimize injuries and illnesses, enhance safety training, and ensure proper health monitoring for everyone involved in the project.

A ceremony was held recently at York Hospital with representatives of OSHA and the Joint Venture to celebrate the partnership.

“The partnership encourages cooperation between OSHA, the Joint Venture and all participating contractors to implement a strong safety program that adheres to OSHA's safety guidelines and best practices,” said Scott Frank, Project Executive with LF Driscoll.

Alyssa Moyer, president of York Hospital, said “We commend and congratulate our tower project construction partners on their engagement in this important worksite safety initiative. Achieving Zero Harm is our highest priority as a healthcare organization. It is very important to us that our partners equally prioritize safety and strive to achieve Zero Harm as well.”

Key aspects of the partnership include:

  • Shared Goals: Minimizing injuries, controlling hazards, increasing safety training, implementing effective health monitoring, and expanding safety management systems. Promoting a collaborative working relationship that inspires a culture of safety.
  • OSHA's Role: Providing timely information and clarification on safety standards, conducting non-enforcement verification visits, designating a liaison officer, and participating in quarterly safety reviews.
  • Joint Venture’s Role: Appointing a safety manager, developing a site-specific safety plan, coordinating safety efforts, enforcing safety protocols, and holding regular safety meetings and inspections.

Additionally, the partnership will emphasize fall protection, hazard communication and emergency preparedness.