The WellSpan Spotlight

Site Preparation Continues for the Surgical and Critical Care Tower

Layer by layer, excavation continues, and we inch closer to laying the foundation for the new Surgical and Critical Care Tower at York Hospital.

The work involves moving a LOT of earth. In fact, excavators have removed roughly 52,000 tons, or 2,600 truckloads, of dirt so far in an area of about 90,000 square feet.

To support the excavation, crews have also installed a retaining wall along Irving Road that is length of about 11 Olympic beach volleyball courts. (Footnote: The Summer Olympics in Paris starts July 26!)

Additionally, about 400 linear feet of storm and domestic water pipe has been installed below grade that will service the future tower.

Site preparation and excavation for the tower is almost 50% complete. It is scheduled to be finished in the third quarter of this year, making way for the next phase of the project which will be constructing the foundations.

Adjacent to the excavation work, crews have begun construction on what will become the new West Drive entrance to the hospital.