The WellSpan Spotlight

New Construction Activity Begins, Vibration Monitoring in Place

As the removal of the Ketterman Building and South Hall foundations nears completion, new construction activity is getting ready to start.

The new activity includes:

  • Relocation of the Irving Road water main, which will impact Irving Road traffic flow.
  • Relocation of chilled water line over the roof of Century. Requires excavation of the sidewalk along east-facing side of Century Building to install new valves below grade. Some elevated noise and vibration may be experienced. This work is expected to last two months.
  • Refeed of low voltage cables through the basement of the Century Building. This work is expected to last two months and intermittently disrupt pathways. Staff working in the Basement should rely on Stair 17 as the main point of egress in case of emergency.

Ensuring Patient Safety During Construction

Patient care is our highest priority. With construction, there may be periods of elevated noise and vibration at times. To ensure noise and vibration don’t impact patient care, a noise and vibration monitoring system and protocol is now in place.

Monitoring equipment in six locations in the Century Building will automatically alert key project team members if a vibration threshold is exceeded. The project team will then contact a designated staff member in the affected location to confirm if the detected vibration is impacting patient care.