The WellSpan Spotlight

Cardiovascular Renovations and Expansion Project

Wellspan York Hospital’s Interventional Cardiology program has experienced significant growth in the past several years. Cardiovascular disease has been growing in our community and the need for interventional cardiovascular and electrophysiology services has increased tremendously.


To meet the growing demand and be able to provide this life-saving care to our patients, York Hospital is planning an expansion and renovation project for our cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs.


In December 2019, an expansion and renovation project increased the hospital’s cardiovascular capacity from four labs being shared between interventional cardiology and electrophysiology. That expansion resulted in six total labs, with four labs designated for interventional procedures and two dedicated electrophysiology labs.

The newest renovation and expansion project will build onto the current six labs by adding three additional interventional cardiology labs, along with shell space for future expansion that could add an additional lab. 


Additionally, all of the labs will be hybrid rooms that can accommodate complex structural heart procedures and lead extractions. The shell space will allow for future expansion with limited disruption in services.


The expansion project will add onto the end of the catheterization lab wing. This will expand the building outward, which will be covered by natural landscaping. The renderings on the left show what the area will look like when complete. The roundabout drive area outside will be absorbed into the new cath lab and shell space. Planning is underway to ensure access to the pharmacy and an area for patient discharging.