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A horrible headache, fumbling hands, a pounding heart

Meet patients who survived a stroke

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Dan, Shari, and Tracey all survived a stroke, due to the fast intervention, targeted treatment, and intensive rehabilitation provided by our experts at WellSpan. Learn the signs of a stroke and hear their remarkable stories of recovery.



While running errands, Dan Urick noticed he was having a hard time turning doorknobs and making his hands work correctly. Hours later, while he was cutting his wife’s hair in his in-home hairstylist shop, he started experiencing severe pounding in his chest. He thought he was having a heart attack.

While his wife called 911, Dan lost partial vision, his left side became paralyzed, and he couldn’t control his body movements or walk. Dan was experiencing a stroke.

During his hospitalization, an expert team from WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital helped him relearn to use his left side again. “I lost all hope. I thought I’d never walk again and was walking in three weeks and my vision was restored.”

Dan’s piece of advice for those experiencing something similar? “Have faith. Be strong and never give up.”



Shari Flory shares the numbers that tell the harrowing story of her brain aneurysm and stroke.

She was in surgery for 6 hours, “died” 4 times on the operating room table, was given a 5% chance of survival for 21 days, and stayed in the hospital for 48 days.

What those numbers don’t show is her remarkable recovery that was due to the care of surgeons, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and even fellow stroke patients in the aptly named INSPIRE support group she attends at WellSpan

Shari says it was important to listen to and follow her caregivers’ advice. “A therapist told me he wanted me to walk 20 minutes every day and I have ever since then. It’s made a big difference.”



While Tracey Glace was running errands with her kids, she got what felt like the worst headache ever. Her daughter noticed she couldn’t say the word "detergent." Hours later, after she struggled to text a friend, her husband took her to the emergency department, where she learned she had a debilitating stroke. 

During her four-week hospitalization, an expert team from WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital helped her relearn to use her right side again. “The tiniest accomplishment was so rewarding. It’s really crazy and amazing how your brain can create new pathways. The team said it would happen and with their help, it did!”

Tracey’s biggest accomplishments? “Everything. Every little thing.”

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