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Improve your overall wellness with Winter STREAK

Improve your overall wellness with Winter STREAK

Each winter, Ron Bollinger gets the blues. It begins after the holidays and typically lasts until April, when the ice melts and the temperatures get warmer.  

Ron, a systems administrator with WellSpan Health, loves the outdoors and doesn't like to be cooped up during the cold months. When he's not forced inside, Ron spends his free time hiking, kayaking, and swimming.  

Last winter, Ron realized he needed to make a change. He was getting less physical exercise, had added emotional stress, and regained the weight he lost over the summer. 

"At one point, I was up 20 pounds, and my doctor wasn't happy with my numbers," Ron said. 

WellSpan helped Ron find a solution – he began a healthy streak to keep him on track through the winter. He joined WellSpan's Winter STREAK, a free 12-week community wellness program that's designed to promote health and wellness. Since then, Ron hasn't looked back. 

Ron said Winter STREAK helped improve his emotional well-being, too.

"The program has taught me to be grateful for what I have, to show gratitude to others, and to be sincere in my actions," Ron said. 

How does Winter STREAK work? 

Winter STREAK empowers participants to increase their wellness with fun activities, eat better through healthy recipes, and reduce stress through methods like intentional breathing.  

Participants complete a streak by making healthy choices. A series of workshops, bingo cards, wellness guide, and a resource library are provided to support them on this journey. There are even chances for them to earn prizes. Winter STREAK begins Jan. 8 and runs through March 29, 2024.  

Continue the wellness journey all year with Winter STREAK tools  

Once he completed the program, Ron took the tools he acquired with Winter STREAK to become healthier and continue his positive attitude through the rest of the year. At his June physical, he was down 17 pounds and Ron's doctor was impressed with the results of his bloodwork.  

"I've learned to take time for myself because I'm responsible for my own happiness," he said.  

Ron now takes daily breaks to walk, read, or do tricks with his yo-yo. He and his wife enjoy preparing new recipes and they play dancing video games to keep active. 

He said his new mantra comes from a quote he learned through Winter STREAK: "Happiness is not something you postpone for the future. It's something you design for the present." 

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