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Fatherly advice from a WellSpan leader: 'Find a place you can call home'

Fatherly advice from a WellSpan leader: 'Find a place you can call home'

Orie Chambers and his sons have a love of cars, the outdoors, and helping patients at WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital.

"I was never the dad to push something onto them," Orie said. "We let them grow and identify things they were interested in."

It turns out, healthcare is just one common passion for the Chambers men. While Orie serves as the vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer, his sons, Jadon and Ethan, also work at WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital, where they began their careers as technicians in logistics.  

As Father's Day approaches, they share their perspectives on working together, their interest in healthcare, and what they do together for fun.

What inspired you to work in healthcare?

Orie: "My mom was an activities director at a nursing home and from an early age, I had exposure to the healthcare system and this vulnerable patient population. I believe it was during those interactions that I developed a passion for helping others in need.

"After high school, I began taking college courses but had not identified a clear path, so I joined the United States Air Force, where I served for 12 years as a military police officer and later a flight medic.  This is where my love for patient care resurfaced and pointed me on the path to nursing school.

Jadon: "My dad came to me about a temporary position at the warehouse here in Ephrata in logistics. I came back after that first summer in logistics and took a full-time position at the hospital still working in that department."

Ethan: "At first, I didn't have a desire to get into healthcare, but Jadon talked to me about how much he enjoyed the role and about how he quickly identified just how much his role can have a direct impact on patient care. It's not something you think about at first when you think about working in logistics."

Jadon and Ethan: "Seeing our dad take on different opportunities here and move up has inspired us."

Orie: "They have done great work. I tell them that hard work and dedication pay off and they'll have opportunities to grow here.

Jadon recently made the switch to biomed where he now works as an equipment associate.

Orie: "It's exciting that WellSpan has given Jadon an opportunity to get into a program like biomed and get training. I always thought it would be a great career."

What makes WellSpan a good place to work?

Orie: "For me, it's finding a place you can call home. Culture is really important and the culture here is great. WellSpan is also a company that values and invests in its most important resource, the people.

Jadon: "It's a community that's welcoming and WellSpan shows there are opportunities for everyone."

Career advice from Dad

Orie: "I tell them to work hard and make meaningful relationships. Wellbeing is also so important – take care of yourself so when you come to work, you bring the best version of yourself. "

Jadon and Ethan:" Learning to make connections with people is important. He talks about learning how to talk to people and developing those relationships."

What's it like working with your dad, brother, son?

When Jadon first started with logistics, he and his dad carpooled to work.

Orie: "This small window of time for me was worth more than anything I can put into words.  Having one on one time with Jadon just to talk about whatever was on our mind was immeasurable."

For now, they work different schedules, but there have been times when shifts would merge, and the brothers worked together.

Ethan: "Having your brother as your co-worker was fun. It was easier to meet new people when you worked with your brother."

Orie:" It's pretty hard to avoid talking shop in our house given both my wife and I are in the nursing field and both boys are now in the hospital setting. We try our best to leave work behind and focus on family when we are together."

When you're not at work, what do you do together?

Avid Volvo enthusiasts, the family has six Volvos, attend car shows together, and spend time at their cottage on the Jersey Shore, where they – including Orie's wife and three daughters – plan to spend Father's Day this year.

Orie: "We enjoy spending time with immediate and extended family members. We also like to spend time outdoors on our 48-acre property riding dirt bikes, four wheelers, spending time with our five dogs, and hiking our trails.

"One of our favorite activities is our family food and fellowship weekends that we host at our house. With five growing kids and extended family growing up fast, it is our way of trying to slow down time and create lasting family memories."