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WellSpan Health's Spotlight on Children's Health

WellSpan Health's Spotlight on Children's Health to focus on a comprehensive approach to early childhood development

WellSpan Health is launching the Spotlight on Children's Health, an initiative that will champion the physical, emotional, intellectual, and developmental needs of children from birth to 6 years old. The program aims to break the cycle of disadvantage by nurturing the whole child and family at an early age, with the goal of eliminating health and achievement inequities that can occur later in life. The health system will partner with community organizations across South Central Pennsylvania to drive success in this initiative. 

"Our vision to inspire health goes far beyond check-ups and immunizations. Growing healthy communities begins with our children and a commitment to supporting the next generation lays a foundation of a successful, vibrant South Central Pennsylvania for years to come," said Roxanna Gapstur, Ph.D., R.N., president & CEO, WellSpan Health. "WellSpan has more than one million care encounters with children 6 years and younger every year and we're committed to fostering the development of safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments."

The Spotlight on Children's Health will lead, partner, support, and advocate across four primary focus areas:

  • Literacy and Early Childhood Development.
  • Medical Care & Screenings.
  • Infant & Child Safety.
  • Unique Needs & Caregiver Support.

"We know from abundant research that a focus on the early, developing years can truly change the trajectory of a child's life," said Dr. Christopher Russo, director of pediatrics, women and children services, and medical director for quality and innovation, WellSpan Health. "By using a trauma-informed, culturally-aware approach, attentive to the needs of parents and caregivers and communities, WellSpan will have the opportunity to make a truly transformational impact and improve the health and wellness of our children." 

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