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Love letter to Gettysburg team: 'They treat patients like family' 

Love letter to Gettysburg team: 'They treat patients like family'

Mike Kenny has ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease, a degenerative condition that affects his brain and spinal cord. 

Thank goodness, he says, for the staff at WellSpan Rehabilitation on V-Twin Drive in Gettysburg. The physical therapists and others on the team have been helping Mike for six years and also helped his wife, Donna, after she had knee surgery. The Adams County man recently shared his gratitude in a letter to the editor of the Gettysburg Times, reprinted below. 

Editor, Gettysburg Times, 

I would like to take the time, while I still can work this phone to communicate, to thank all of the great people at WellSpan on V-Twin Drive for helping us with our therapy. My beautiful wife has had both of her knees replaced and they got her back to walking in no time. I, on the other hand, suffer from ALS. I have been a customer there since we retired to the area in 2016. 

There are too many people to thank from the therapist to the interns, to the students, to the people at the reception desk. Since I have been going there for six years, they have watched my physical ability decline. They have been so great with reducing my pain and keeping me moving by stretching my muscles and joints. I have witnessed firsthand the care that they all give to other patients. They treat patients like family members and want you to get better even if it means a little discomfort. They do this by encouraging you to push yourself as much as you are capable at the time. Like I say, "no pain no gain." 

When I'm having a bad day and feeling depressed those lovely people cheer me up with a silly joke or a funny story. I'm certain that without their kindness, I would have moved on in God's great universe a long time ago. In closing, it might sound like a commercial, but if you need physical, occupational or joint replacement therapy, come on down and see the great therapists at WellSpan. 


Thank you one and all and God bless the United States of America. 

Michael Kenny