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4 Benefits of an Online Urgent Care visit

4 Benefits of an Online Urgent Care visit

WellSpan Online Urgent Care is a convenient option for patients to get quick answers for health care concerns. Patients with non-emergency symptoms can access high-quality care online 24/7.

Here are a few additional benefits to a virtual appointment.

Shorter wait time

No driving to the office to wait in the waiting room. Online Urgent Care can save you time. On average, you can get an appointment in just 10 minutes. While you wait, you can carry on with your activities at home or continue watching your go-to, feel-better movie.

Care from anywhere

Do you really want to leave the couch when you're not feeling well? Or bundle up a sick kid who is in his pajamas under the covers? WellSpan Online Urgent Care can be used for most non-emergency conditions, including allergies, rashes, upset stomach, and cold and flu symptoms. Using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop you can get the care you need from the comfort of home.

Expert providers

Online Urgent Care appointments are staffed by board-certified physicians who can care for patients as young as 3 months. Doctors will be able to give patients a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription as needed.

Seamless follow-up

If you need a prescription at the end of your appointment, an Online Urgent Care physician will be able to send one to your pharmacy.

Details of your visit will be entered into your health record for your regular provider to review.

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