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WellSpan Health Board of Directors Chair Megan Shreve honored with award

WellSpan Health Board of Directors Chair Megan Shreve honored with award

WellSpan Health is proud to share that Megan Shreve, Chair, WellSpan Health Board of Directors, has been honored with the Excellence in Governance award presented by Modern Healthcare, a national industry leader in the healthcare news and information community. The award recognizes influential individuals who foster advancement in culture, mission and performance through their leadership on healthcare organization boards of directors. Shreve is one of only 14 individuals across the country to be named to the 2022 list.

"Megan's leadership consistently drives our organization forward to live our vision of being a trusted partner," said Roxanna Gapstur Ph.D., R.N., President & CEO, WellSpan Health. "She has a deep sense of pride in WellSpan Health's mission to provide exceptional care for all. Her support of a high-performing governance culture and future-focused strategic board leadership has guided WellSpan's success in South Central Pennsylvania."

Shreve has been a part of WellSpan Health governance for more than a decade. She became board chair in 2021 and led the evolution of a best-practice governance structure. Since taking the role, she has been a strong advocate for increasing board diversity so that it more closely represents the communities WellSpan Health serves. Today, WellSpan Health's Board of Directors comprises 17 members, selected through a competency-based assessment and commitment to the mission of the organization.

"Our diverse and dynamic group of board members brings decades of experience across a variety of fields. They have positioned the health system to make our strategic goals a reality," said Shreve. "Being well-connected across our communities has been a vital part of our plan. It ensures we are meeting the needs of individuals right where they are, with resources and programs that help each of us live our best lives."

Her strong leadership has guided WellSpan Health to reimagine healthcare in our region, supporting innovative ideas that position the health system as a leader, all while guiding it through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has on our communities.

Shreve, who resides in Adams County, is also the chief executive officer of the South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP), a non-profit organization that provides critical human services and community engagement work in the region. She has been actively involved with WellSpan Health since 2010, previously serving on several WellSpan boards, including the WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital Board and the WellSpan Planning Committee.

This year's honorees were profiled in the April 18 issue of Modern Healthcare magazine, also available online.

"We are thrilled to launch the rebranded Excellence in Governance Awards program with such an esteemed group of honorees. Each of these outstanding directors exemplifies the qualities of excellence in governance: loyalty and service; strategic and innovative vision; and commitment to fostering the values of accountability, diversity, equity and sustainability," said Fawn Lopez, Publisher of Modern Healthcare. "They are invaluable assets to the organizations and communities they serve and to the advancement of healthcare. We congratulate and thank them for their leadership and dedication."

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