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WellSpan Health modifies COVID-19 guidelines

WellSpan Health modifies COVID-19 guidelines

Effective Monday, April 4, due to the continuing decline of positive COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across south central Pennsylvania, WellSpan care facilities are modifying many COVID-19 guidelines for patients and visitors.

Patient Visitation

WellSpan is allowing open visitation of patients, with the exception of patients who are COVID-19 positive or suspected of being positive pending test results.  

COVID-19 positive or pending hospitalized patients may designate two support persons for visitation. Visitation by one designated support person at a time will be allowed. All approved visitors will be provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that will be worn during the duration of the patient visit.

People who are sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not visit patients.

Mask Wearing

Following the direction of Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Pennsylvania Department of Health, WellSpan is modifying guidelines regarding mask wearing in healthcare facilities.

With the exception of some locations, patients and visitors who are asymptomatic and up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations are not required to wear a mask when entering a care facility.  Signs will be posted in those locations indicating masking is required for all patients and visitors.

To be considered up to date with COVID-19 vaccines, a person needs to be vaccinated and boosted when eligible. 

People seeking care at hospital emergency departments, urgent care sites, and care practices who are sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should wear a mask.  

Visitors who are not up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations should wear a mask when entering a healthcare facility.

Safety Remains WellSpan's Top Priority

WellSpan will continue to monitor the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the community and will adjust all policies as needed to continue to protect our patients and our teams.

To protect yourself, your family, and our communities, remember the simple, effective steps to stay safe and stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities:  

  • Follow face masking and social distancing guidelines. 
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. 
  • Be up to date with the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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