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How Winter STREAK helps you get healthy

Bente Goodwin STREAKed her way through last winter.

Last year, Goodwin learned to make meatless chili, began to walk regularly, and committed herself to return to the healthier lifestyle she recalled from her youth in Norway.

The 60-year-old retiree from Franklin County made this change to better manage her overall well-being after participating in Winter STREAK, a free 12-week community wellness program running through Friday, March 25.

Created by WellSpan and its community partners, the virtual program features workshops, tips, and many resources to help participants keep up a "streak" of healthy eating, and physical and mental well-being activities. The program also offers chances to earn prize baskets throughout the three months of the program.

Participants this year can:

  • Learn how to make healthy versions of zucchini lasagna and pumpkin roll.
  • Get tips on how to exercise at home.
  • Complete bingo cards with different themes including emotional wellness or physical activity, that contain squares for doing things like laughing out loud or walking 10 minutes.

The Winter STREAK website has a ton of resources to aid in your wellness journey.

Goodwin shared four takeaways from Winter Streak 2021:

Have a plan. "Sometimes you just have to write it down. There's something about putting pen to paper that makes your goals so definite," she said, regarding the need to map out a daily plan to ensure she stayed on track.  

Find a partner (or two) to keep you accountable. "I have always asked a neighbor or my daughters to get active with me, but before my dog died, he was my accountability partner and I miss having him by my side during my daily walks," Goodwin explained.

Practice self-discipline. "The most challenging thing about keeping up with my wellness is how hard it is for me to get up most mornings, but I do it anyway because I know it will pay off in the long run," Goodwin said.

Make your health a priority. "I will always remain active, no matter how old I am," she said. "I believe it is an integral part of adopting a healthy lifestyle and preventing diseases like diabetes or heart disease. I encourage anyone who is considering registering for Winter STREAK to try it. Invite a friend to start a friendly competition or to call an accountability partner. It makes it fun and gives you the motivation that you're not alone!"

To learn more about Winter STREAK or register for the workshops, click here.