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FAQs About WellSpan Online Urgent Care


Wellspan Online Urgentcare LP


What is WellSpan Online Urgent Care?

WellSpan Online Urgent Care is a convenient option for quick, on-demand health care at a time and place of your choosing. Patients with non-emergency symptoms can access high-quality care online 24/7 using a personal computer, smartphone or tablet. Connect with a physician in real time for a "face-to-face" appointment to receive a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription as needed.

What types of conditions can be evaluated during an online visit?

WellSpan Online Urgent Care can be used for most non-emergency conditions, saving you a trip to a walk-in urgent care facility or your primary care provider.

WellSpan Online Urgent Care should be used only for conditions that are NOT considered severe or urgent. If you are experiencing a sudden onset of symptoms such as severe pain, numbness, shortness of breath, chest pain or a health issue requiring immediate attention, call 911 immediately.

Who can use this service?

Both adult and pediatric (age 3 months or older) patients may schedule visits. Please note that patients under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present during online visits.

How much does WellSpan Online Urgent Care cost to use?

The standard fee for a WellSpan Online Urgent Care visit is $49, which is often comparable to similar urgent care visit co-pays. The only insurance currently accepted for this service is WellSpan Population Health.

Will my visit be private and secure?

Yes. WellSpan Online Urgent Care is HIPAA-compliant. We use industry-standard encryption technology to secure all information shared during online visits. You can be assured your personal health information will remain private and secure.


How do I enroll in the WellSpan Online Urgent Care program?

Go to WellSpanOnlineUrgentCare.org, and select the "Register Your Account" button. When you enter your name, be sure you enter it exactly as it appears on your health plan identification card. We encourage you to enroll in the program in advance of using the service. This will save time when you are ready to use service for the first time.

Manage dependents button

How do I add dependents to my account?

Adding dependents to your WellSpan Online Urgent Care account is simple. Using a computer (mobile app directions below), log into your account, and click the "plus" button on the top right corner of the page where it says “Manage Dependents”.

You can also do this on the mobile app by selecting “My Account” on the screen after you log in. Click the "plus" button in the top right corner.

Please note that dependents under 18 years old must be added to a parent’s account. For those over 18, they must register their own account.



Will I need any special equipment or software to access WellSpan Online Urgent Care?

You will need a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) or a computer with a webcam and microphone to use WellSpan Online Urgent Care. We encourage you to download the free WellSpan Online Urgent Care mobile app and enroll in the program now. This will save time when you are ready to use service for the first time.

Please note that this platform currently does not work on the Safari or Firefox operating systems. Please download Google Chrome if you intend to access WellSpan Online Urgent Care on your computer.

Am I required to download the WellSpan Online Urgent Care app to use the service?

The free app is required only if you intend to use your smartphone or tablet for your online visit. We offer iOS and Android versions If you intend to use your laptop or desktop computer for your visit, no app is required. Simply go to www.WellSpanOnlineUrgentCare.org to initiate your visit.

How long should I expect to wait in the waiting room once I've initiated a visit?

Though wait time will vary by day and time, online visits typically begin 10 minutes after you enter the virtual waiting room. While you wait for the doctor to review your chart, you can edit the reason for your visit, reassign your preferred pharmacy or upload a photo that might help the doctor diagnose your condition (e.g., rash). If you don't wish to remain in the waiting room, you may select the "Leave Exam Room" button.  When your doctor is ready to see you, you'll receive a message by phone and which point you can "reconnect" and proceed with your online visit.

How are new prescriptions handled?

If your online visit results in a new prescription, the physician will transmit your prescription order directly to the local pharmacy of your choosing. Please note that opioids, stimulants and other controlled substances cannot be prescribed online. Please contact your regular doctor if you believe you require this type of prescription.


Will I be able to see my regular WellSpan provider online?

Not at this time. Online visits are staffed by both WellSpan Medical Group physicians and physicians working with Teladoc, a leading provider of on-demand virtual healthcare visits. Teladoc’s 3,000+ physicians are board-certified in internal, pediatric and family medicine. They reside in the United States, are state-licensed, and are recredentialed every three years. Because this is an on-demand, urgent care experience, you are unable to choose your physician for this service. You will be seen by the next available provider who is working at that time. But be assured you will receive the same high level of care you’ve come to expect from your regular WellSpan provider.

Will my regular WellSpan provider be notified of my online visit?

Yes, the details of your online visit will be added to your electronic health record (EHR) for your regular provider to review. Additionally you will be able to review the visit summary using your MyWellSpan account.

Will the physician who sees me online have access to my WellSpan medical records?

The WellSpan Online Urgent Care platform is integrated with WellSpan’s health record system (EPIC). Physicians will be able to review your records in real time during online visits and record diagnoses and treatment plans for your regular WellSpan provider to review later.


Have a question we haven't answered here?

Please call the WellSpan Online Urgent Care help line at 1 (855) 549-2196, or email us at wellspanonlineuc@teladochealth.com. We are available to assist you 24/7.