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WellSpan Online Primary Care

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Convenient online primary care…right where you are.

WellSpan Online Primary Care offers the high-quality primary health care you and your family need – without having to leave home, the office or college.

Convenient and easy, WellSpan Online Primary Care provides 24/7 primary health care access via a smartphone, tablet or personal computer to your WellSpan Online Primary Care team of physicians, advanced practice clinicians and support staff. Additional contact regarding your health and wellness includes secure messaging, phone calls and sharing of patient health data through MyWellSpan.

Exclusively for WellSpan Health Plan Members!

WellSpan Online Primary Care, a new, innovative approach to primary care, is an exclusive benefit currently only available for WellSpan employees, their spouses and dependents. Patients must be at least 18 years old and enrolled in the WellSpan Standard or WellSpan Plus insurance plans.

A personalized, online healthcare experience -- without leaving home, work or college.

WellSpan Online Primary Care patients receive the same high quality, personal care as an in-person office visit. When you need care, your physician or advanced practice clinician will connect with you through a live, face-to-face video visit, secure messaging, or by telephone. Patients can easily share health data and photos with the care team through MyWellSpan.

You can ask questions and discuss your health just as you would in an office visit. Each patient will have a personalized care plan. The practice providers will regularly review your personalized plan and reach out to you to ensure any needed bloodwork and testing is ordered and to see if you have any questions about your health. WellSpan Online Primary Care will coordinate in-person visits if and when they are needed. In addition to a phone, tablet, or computer, you will need at home a blood pressure monitor, a scale and a thermometer. You will be asked to share that health information regularly with your care team.

Convenient access to online video visit appointment scheduling, secure messaging and sharing of health data will occur through your MyWellSpan account. To create a MyWellSpan account, visit

Video visits are convenient, easy-to-use and secure, so you can know you can always get the quality, personal care you need, including:

  • Preventative health and wellness visits
  • Sick care
  • Follow-up care for chronic conditions
  • Lab orders and diagnostic tests
  • Collaboration with specialists
  • Social work or care management nursing
  • Coordination of in-person visits if and when they are needed

Similar to other WellSpan medical practices, an on-call physician will be available to address critical issues, including lab results and imaging call reports.


View the FAQs or call (717) 812-4353. We’re here to help you decide if WellSpan Online Primary Care is right for you and your family.

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