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Worksite Wellness

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Available through SOUTH CENTRAL Preferred, our comprehensive menu of WellSpan worksite wellness services includes:

Clinical Screenings

We provide a wide array of clinical and biometric screenings to help identify health risks. Awareness of health concerns helps to motivate individuals to improve their health status  Typical screenings include cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, height, and weight.

Wellness Assessments

Evaluating your employee's health status is a critical first step in developing an effective wellness program. A personalized health report is provided to each participant with an aggregate report given to the employer.

Comprehensive Wellness Website

Offering a fun, interactive website that will be branded with your company logo and offers a variety of activities, healthy living challenges, self-guided seminars, a health improvement tracking system, a wellness and nutrition library, recipes and more!

Health Coaching

Our registered nurse is a certified health coach that works one-on-one with employees to target and review their individual health risk factors. This personalized interaction helps educate and motivate employees to develop an achievable plan of action for better health.

Health Promotion and Educational Programs

Numerous health and wellness topics are available to create awareness and understanding within your workplace. Programs include: Nutrition, weight management, physical activity, and emotional health. Educational sessions are customized to address your specific needs.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Professional counseling, training, and on-site crisis response services are available to address the complex personal needs of employees and emerging professional needs of your workplace.

To learn more about comprehensive wellness services within WellSpan, simply contact (888) 949-9882.

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