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Breast Health

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Breast Care For Every Stage of Life

WellSpan provides a full array of programs and services to help women keep up with issues impacting their breast health.

Our skilled physicians and clinical staff offer screening services and educational programs, diagnostic services and comprehensive treatment services to help you be proactive about your breast health. Because we see such a high volume of patients for their breast care, we are very experienced and skilled at what we do. From screening and diagnosis through treatment and reconstruction, our team provides comprehensive care, so you don’t have to travel for expert treatment for your breast condition.

The expertise and experience of our physicians and staff create a very caring environment that comforts our patients and families in times of uncertainty. Because we handle all aspects of care, we work diligently to get to know our patients and their families.

At WellSpan, we are always investing in the latest technology and program coordination to continually improve our patients’ experiences and outcomes. All of our staff members have undergone advanced, specialty training and are accredited by their respective professional organizations. Many of WellSpan's breast imaging programs have been recognized as Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE) by the American College of Radiology  – the highest level of accreditation in the field of breast imaging.

By choosing WellSpan, you are choosing a system that covers all spectrums of life. Our close coordination with multiple departments ensures that you have access to all types of expert specialty care across our health system.

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Breast Care Navigators

When you become a WellSpan patient for breast care, you will be assigned to a breast care navigator to help guide you and your family throughout our entire treatment process and multidisciplinary care. Your navigator is your single WellSpan touchpoint who helps to streamline and simplify your breast health care. Most of our navigators are nurses certified in oncology or have other related specialty certifications.

Expertly Trained Oncologists and Staff

Our fellowship-trained breast-specific surgical oncologist is fully dedicated to the treatment of breast cancer. Our skilled physicians and clinical staff offer screening services and educational programs; diagnostic services, such as ultrasound, core biopsy, excisional biopsy, and pathology; and comprehensive treatment services, such as medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgery, lymphedema management and prospective treatment planning.

Access to On-Site Plastic Surgeons

When the breast cancer journey calls for a reconstructive procedure, we have expert plastic surgeons on-site who specialize in post-cancer breast reconstruction. These advanced, highly skilled WellSpan surgeons work with the rest of your breast care team to provide you seamless care.

Support Groups

WellSpan offers various support groups – including lymphedema support groups, breast cancer support groups, and survivorship support groups – to foster community among cancer patients and survivors.

3D Mammography

WellSpan offers 3D mammography imaging, currently considered the “gold standard” of breast imaging which allows our diagnosticians to get the best possible look inside your breast tissue.

Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography

WellSpan is among the only programs in the region to offer Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography, which has a higher sensitivity and can detect cancers before a mass can be seen for women at elevated-risk who have both normal mammograms and screening ultrasounds.

Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards

When you choose WellSpan for your breast care, you can rest assured that you will be receiving world-class care from a multidisciplinary team. At our tumor boards, our specialists discuss each breast cancer case as a group, collaboratively making a diagnosis and developing treatment recommendations.

Second Opinion Program

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer by a WellSpan breast care specialist but are unsure how you want to proceed with treatment, we coordinate a second opinion program with the breast cancer experts at Johns Hopkins Sydney Kimmel Cancer Center. If you choose to also be assessed by Johns Hopkins physicians, they will send us their formal report and discuss next steps with the WellSpan team. We are committed to doing everything in our power to make you feel comfortable with your diagnosis and treatment options.

Research and Benchmarking Initiatives

Our team is involved in various research projects to further the field of breast health. We also offer our patients the option to participate in research trials for access to the latest treatments, more quickly. WellSpan breast health specialists are involved with national benchmarking initiatives, which helps us understand and track where our program falls when compared with other breast care programs in our region and across the country.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessments

We offer our patients in-office risk assessments that are clinical and detailed. We also offer the option to take an online risk assessment that provides you with a detailed report about your risk factors, along with recommended next steps for connecting with a WellSpan provider. You don’t have to have a physician referral to be seen in our office for breast care services.

Breast Cancer Genetic Counseling

WellSpan has a team of top-notch genetic counselors who can work with you and your family members to assess risk for breast cancer. This service is available to those who have already had breast cancer, as well as individuals who are interested in assessing their risk factors.