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Audiology, Speech Language and Dysphagia Services

In This Section

At the audiology clinic, we may help you to improve the quality of your life. Audiological services for infants, children and adults of all ages are provided by a certified audiologist. The clinic administers comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluations, balance studies and ordering and repair of hearing aids. Assistive listening devises, customized hearing protection and swim plugs, as well as customized ear pieces to accommodate your cell phone for hands-free use are available through the clinic.

Conditions Treated

  • Have lost speech, language
  • Memory or swallowing skills as a result of a stroke, head injury, or disease such as Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, apraxia and multiple sclerosis
  • Are identified as needing electrical stimulation to improve muscles required for swallowing

Audiology and speech services are located on the third floor of the East Wing at WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital.