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Asthma Education

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Manage Asthma Triggers and Symptoms

Asthma inflames the airways and can be developed by anyone. Some of the symptoms of Asthma include a cough only at night, a “barking” cough throughout the day, shortness of breath, wheezing or tightness in the chest. Many people experience exercise induced asthma and only show symptoms during physical activity or exertion.

Asthma can be developed at any point in your life and people may find themselves exhibiting symptoms as an adult. As is with many health concerns, asthma affects people in varying degrees. Some may find it hard to perform daily activities while others only exhibit signs at specific times with the right triggers.

The first step to breathing easier with asthma is a diagnosis. Your physician will look at your symptoms and determine whether it is asthma or another underlying condition.

Once a diagnosis is made your physician will partner with you to create a treatment plan and identify triggers. Potential triggers could be pollen, animals, feathers, molds, dust or other things around you. As your airway can be sensitive to these items your physician may suggest lifestyle changes to reduce your symptoms.

Medications such as inhalers, pills, liquids or injections may also relieve symptoms and may be considered as part of your treatment plan. Learning how to take care of your asthma can be relieving. At WellSpan we are here to help and will provide the education you need to take control of every breath.

We work directly with a patient’s primary and/or referring physician to accomplish our goal to help the patient improve health and management of their asthma and stay active in their workplace or school with minimal absence.

This program is open to all individuals with asthma, and to parents and children (over 7 years of age) with asthma.

How We Can Help

Asthma Education

WellSpan has developed an Asthma Education program to help patients manage their asthma by instructing them on:

  • Recognizing potential asthma triggers
  • Use of the peak flow meter
  • Purpose and proper use of respiratory medications
  • Breathing techniques
  • Asthma flare ups
  • Self monitoring
  • Using an asthma action plan

Asthma education is open to all individuals with asthma and to parents of children with asthma. For more information about the program talk with your primary care physician or call (717) 741-8177.

Children with Asthma

To help children with asthma live full lives without limitations, WellSpan Health is proud to offer Camp Green Zone. Camp Green Zone is an asthma bootcamp that educates kids on how to stay healthy and manage their asthma through fun, age-appropriate activities. Talk with your physician to learn when Camp Green Zone is offered.