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Spiritual Care and Education

Spiritual Care and Education

Books for Children About Death & Grief

We do not always understand death ourselves, so explaining it to a child can be challenging.  Below is a list of books that may help you work through this sometimes difficult and sensitive topic.

If you need further support or information, please call us at (717) 851-3467.

  • Boulden, J. (1989). Saying Goodbye. Santa Rosa, CA:  Author.
  • Brown, M.W. (1958). The Dead Bird. Reading, MA:  Addison-Wesley.
  • Buscaglia, L. (1982) The Fall of Freddie the Leaf:  A Storm of Life for All Ages. Thorofare, NJ:  Slack. All ages.
  • Calstrom, N.W. (1990) Blow Me a Kiss Miss Lilly. Harper & Row. Ages 4-8.
  • Clardy, A.F. (1984) Dusty Was My Friend:  Coming to Terms with Loss. New York:  Human Sciences.
  • Clifton, L. (1983) Everett Anderson's Goodbye. NY:  Henry Holt & Co. Ages 5-12
  • DePaula, T. (1973) Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs. NY:  G.P. Putnam's Sons. Ages 4-9.
  • Dodge, N.C. (1984) Thumpy's Story: A Story of Love Shared by Thumpy, the Bunny. Springfield, IL:  Prairie Press (P.O. Box 699B, 62705).
  • Hammond, J.M. (1980) When My Mommy Died. Ann Arbor, MI:  Cranbrook Publishing Co.
  • Hammond, J.M. (1981) When My Dad Dies: A Child's View of Death. Ann Arbor, MI:  Cranbrook Publishing Co.
  • Hazen, S. (1985) Why Did Grandpa Die? Golden Brook. Racine, WI:  Western Publishing Co.
  • Heegard, M.E. (1986) When Someone Very Special Dies. Minneapolis:  Woodland Press (99 Woodland Circle, 55424).
  • Herriot, J. (1986) The Christmas Kitten. NY:  St. Martin's Press.
  • Krementz, K. How It Feels When a Parent Dies. NY:  Alfred Knopf. Ages 7-16.
  • LeShan, E. (1976) Learning to Say Goodbye When a Parent Dies. NY:  Macmillen.
  • Madler, T. (1980) Why Did Grandma Die? Milwaukee:  Raintree Children's Books.
  • Maple, M. (1992) On The Wings of a Butterfly.
  • Mellonie, B. and Ingpen, R. (1983) Lifetimes. NY:  Bantam Books. Ages 3-10.
  • Munsch, R. Love You Forever. Firefly Books.
  • Nunn, R.O. Tom's Remembrance. Westphalia Press.
  • O'Toole, D. (1988) Aarby Aardvark Finds Hope. Burnsville, NC:  Mountain Rainbow Publications. All ages.
  • Powell, E.S. (1990) Geranium Morning. Minneapolis:  Carolrhoda Books.
  • Prestine, J.S. (1987) Someone Special Died. Los Angeles:  Price, Stern and Sloan.
  • Richter, E. (1986) Losing Someone You Love: When a Brother or Sister Dies. NY:  G.P. Putnam's Sons.
  • Romond, J.L. (1989) Children Facing Grief: Letters from Bereaved Brothers and Sisters. St. Meinrad, IN:  Abbey Press.

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