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Imaging Services

Imaging Services

Patient Guides to Imaging Studies

Learn about more about a WellSpan Imaging study, including its purpose, how to prepare, what to expect the day of the study, risks and benefits.  Please select from the following options based on where you will undergo your study:

Radiation Risk of Your Exam

If you have any questions about the level of radiation you may have received from your imaging exam, please call (717) 851-5166. To learn more about your radiation risk, please go to, where you can use the site's interactive tool to calculate the level of radiation you received and understand the relative risk to your health.

After Your Appointment

Results of Your Exam

Please note that the technologist who performs your exam cannot interpret the results for you. Instead, one of our highly trained radiologists will interpret the exam and document their findings, which will be sent to the doctor or provider who requested the exam be performed. Your provider will communicate those results to you either by phone or at your next scheduled appointment.

Please note that you may access your personal imaging records on your own if you have a MyWeiiSpan account. For information about how to create a secure MyWellSpan account, click HERE.

How to Request a Copy of Your Images

If you would like the results of your exam sent to a physician other than the one who requesting exam, please inform our scheduler either when you set up the date and time of your exam or at the time of registration.

If your exam has already been performed and you would like a copy sent to another physician, please call:

• York: (717) 851-2214
• Gettysburg: (717) 337-4207 Ext. 76109

Cancelling or Rescheduling Your Exam

If you are not able to keep the appointment time that was reserved for you, please cancel your exam as soon as possible so we may offer that time to another patient.

For women's imaging exams call:

• York: (717) 851-1901
• Gettysburg: (717) 338-3281 For all other exams call :
• York: (717) 851-2568
• Gettysburg: (717) 337-4103

What to Bring the Day of Your Exam

• Please bring a photo ID (e.g., driver's license) and your insurance card. If you were given an order for the exam (may be called "Request for Procedure"), please bring that
to your appointment, as well.
• If you must bring small children with you, please bring an adult who can supervise them while your study is being completed.

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This search will provide you with WellSpan Medical Group and Northern Lancaster County (Ephrata) Medical Group primary care physicians and specialists. If we don’t have a WellSpan Medical Group physician to meet your criteria, the search will expand to include community physicians who partner with WellSpan Medical Group physicians through the WellSpan Provider Network or provide care to patients on the Medical Staffs of WellSpan’s Hospitals.