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WellSpan Services (A-Z)

WellSpan Services (A-Z)

Diagnostic Breast Services

WellSpan is committed to providing the most current technologies and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. We use a number of diagnostic tools, including:

Digital Mammography

Like digital photography, digital mammography allows the radiologist to enhance the images on the computer, improving the image quality.

Computer Aided Detection (CAD)

In CAD, the computer points out "suspicious" findings on the mammogram allowing the radiologist to look at the area a second time.

Picture Archiving System (PACS)

PACS is an enterprise-wide system that stores digital images so that physicians can view them on any network computer. All breast images are obtained digitally, so a complete record of your breast health is available to all breast care providers.


A Mammopad is a soft foam cover used on the mammography plate if a patient experiences too much discomfort during compression.

Core Biopsies

Core biopsy technology allows the minimally invasive procedure to be performed on an outpatient basis using a small incision (less than ¼ inch).  There is no requirement for general anesthesia and patients have minimal risk of infection or serious bruising. The procedure is done using an ultrasound stereotactic mammogram or MRI to pinpoint the mass and take a biopsy.

Needle Localization

In some cases, your physician may request a needle localization procedure to be done immediately prior to a breast biopsy. Needle localization is used to increase the accuracy of the surgical biopsy when a tumor (lesion) is too small to be felt. Using mammography and/or ultrasound, the radiologist guides a wire marker next to the suspicious area so that the lesion may be accurately removed during surgery. 

Information for having a needle localization procedure in York

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Sentinel lymph node biopsy is a way to assess whether breast cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in the armpit. Using a special blue dye and a harmless radioactive laser, the first lymph node in line (sentinel node) is removed and analyzed. Studies indicate that if this sentinel node does not contain cancer cells, none of the other lymph nodes in the armpit will contain cancer cells, and all of the lymph nodes may not have to be removed. 

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