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WellSpan stands as a prepared and trusted partner for our friends and neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you experience a financial hardship that makes it difficult to pay your bills for WellSpan Health services during this time, please contact us to discuss payment and account options that could ease your financial burden in the coming months. Please call the following numbers during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In Adams, Lancaster, Lebanon and York counties, please call (877) 631-4262 for Customer Service or (717) 851-5051 for Financial Assistance. In Franklin and Cumberland counties, please call (717) 267-7409 and select the appropriate service.

IMPORTANT: If you have received screening, testing or treatment related to COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, you will not be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs. WellSpan will bill your health insurance for these services. You will not be responsible for any amount not covered by your insurance. Please contact us during normal business hours (Mon-Fri., 8 a.m. To 4:30 p.m.) with any billing questions related to COVID-19 screening, testing and treatment.

York, Adams, Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, and Northern Maryland:

As a precautionary measure to protect our community and staff, we request all payments and billing inquiries to Customer Service by phone, 717-851-5005, or online through your MyWellSpan patient portal, or via WellSpan.org.

For Financial Assistance information, please call 717-851-5051 or visit www.wellspan.org/financialassistance

Franklin & Cumberland Counties:

As a precautionary measure to protect our community and staff, we request all payments and billing inquiries be directed to Customer Services by phone:

WellSpan Chambesrburg Hospital 717-267-7129

WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital 717-765-3406

WellSpan Roy A. Himelfarb Surgery Center 717-217-6720

Or online: SummitHealth.org/paymybill

Or, patients can mail payments using the addresses provided on the statements.

Epic-TransitionIn May 2017, we began the process to introduce a whole new way of connecting with you through  an advanced, new electronic health record (EHR) system. This will transform the way we serve our patients by keeping you and your providers better connected, enabling better care coordination across all our locations and, in general, creating an easier care experience. 

One of the new EHR benefits our patients likely will notice is our new billing system. Patients who have doctor's visits, hospital stays, lab and imaging studies, and other medical appointments and treatments occurring at one of WellSpan's Adams or York county-based facilities on or after October 20, 2017 will receive statements from our new billing system. This transition occurred May 5, 2017 for our patients in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. 

Benefits of WellSpan new EHR's billing system

► Consolidated billing statements:

You will no longer receive multiple bills for doctor's visits or hospital stays. 

► One statement per 30-day period:

You will receive only one WellSpan billing statement per 30-day period. It will summarize all visits, procedures and financial transactions on one document, providing a clear view of your account's status. 

► Easier-to-understand descriptions: 

Using fewer technical terms and codes, our new statements will display the details of your WellSpan visits in chronological order from oldest to most recent. You will find a list of charges for each visit in a format that clearly outlines the:

  • Date of your visit
  • Name of the WellSpan practice or facility where the visit occurred
  • Nature of your visit (e.g., imaging study, wellness exam, surgery)
  • Standard charges for services provided 
  • Payments toward or adjustments to standard charges by your health plan
  • Acknowledgement of payments you have made to date
  • Balance of charges for which you are personally responsible

► Ability to manage your bills online:

You will be able to view and make payments online from your secure MyWellSpan account. (Phone and mail remain as payment options.)

See a sample of our new and improved billing statement

How do I know which online bill payment portal I should use today?

Please locate the county in which you received service, and select the date range that matches your visit date.

Adams County & Northern Maryland

Franklin County (Summit Health)

Lancaster County

^ Exceptions:  For appointments prior to 10/20/17, patients should use the York/Adams billing portal for bills from the following Ephrata-based medical group practices:  WellSpan Gynecologic Oncology, WellSpan Maternal-Fetal Medicine and WellSpan Urogynecology & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery.

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Questions about your bill?

Thank you for your patience as we work to make your experience with WellSpan easier and more convenient. If you'd prefer to speak to one of our billing representatives, please call one of the numbers below:

WellSpan's Lancaster & Lebanon County Locations

Service Type/LocationService Date
  Before 5/5/17 On/after 5/5/17
Hospital & related services:
Lancaster County (717) 738-6261 (877) 631-4262
Lebanon County (717) 274-7580 (877) 631-4262
Doctor’s office visits:
Lancaster County (717) 721-8286 (877) 631-4262
Lebanon County (717) 274-7580 (877) 631-4262
Services received at other WellSpan facilities:
WellSpan VNA Home Care – Lancaster & Lebanon Counties (717) 851-3058 (877) 631-4262
WellSpan Philhaven (717) 240-2413


WellSpan's York & Adams County Locations

Service Type/LocationService Date
  Before 10/20/17 On/after 10/20/17
Hospital & related services:
Adams County/Northern MD (800) 842-1783 (877) 631-4262
York County (800) 842-1783 (877) 631-4262
Doctor’s office visits:
Adams County/Northern MD (800) 839-1404 (877) 631-4262
York County (800) 839-1404 (877) 631-4262
Services received at other WellSpan facilities:
Apple Hill Surgical Center (717) 741-8258 (877) 631-4262
WellSpan VNA Home Care – York & Adams Counties (717) 851-3058 (877) 631-4262
WellSpan Philhaven (717) 240-2413
WellSpan Dental Center (717) 851-2655 (877) 631-4262

Summit Health's Franklin County Locations

Service Type/LocationPhone Number
Chambersburg Hospital (717) 267-7169
Waynesboro Hospital (717) 765-3406
Summit Physician Services (717) 263-9555
Dr. Roy A Himelfarb Surgery Center (717) 217-6720

Thank you for your patience as we transition

Please note it will take some time for WellSpan to transition completely to the new, unified billing system, so we ask for your patience until that occurs. It is possible you will continue to receive statements from the older systems for a number of months before those legacy systems are retired.

We realize this period may be confusing, and we're here to help if you need assistance navigating our current billing options. Please call the corresponding billing help line above to speak with one of our customer service representatives.