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Hospital Room Rates for Franklin County

A patient’s total hospital bill/charges will depend on their utilization of medical services and supplies. These charges do not include ancillary charges for procedures (surgical and other), therapies, drugs, special medical supplies, etc. (N/A = service not provided at that hospital)

SERVICE WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital
* Rates are per day, except for observation
Medical/Surgical Beds    
Routine $2,120 $2,120
Isolation $2,275
Telemetry $2,856 $2,856
Transitional Care Beds    
Intermediate/Transitional Care $3,755
Inpatient Rehab Beds    
Routine Care $3,330 N/A
Complex $3,518 N/A
Intensive/Critical/Coronary Care Beds    
Intensive/Critical/Coronary Care $4,689
Intensive Care Trauma N/A N/A
Obstetrical Services    
Obstetrics Intermediate $2,140 N/A
Nursery Bassinets    
Routine Care $2,532 N/A
Triage/Transitional $3,206 N/A
Intermediate Care $3,696
Intensive Care $4,920 N/A
Pediatric Beds    
Pediatric Beds
$2,120 N/A
Psychiatric Unit Beds    
Adult Care $4,700 N/A
Intensive Extended $5,290 N/A