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WellSpan Summit Board of Directors Reaffirms Decision to Consolidate Birthing Services in Franklin County

July 08, 2020


Since WellSpan Health announced our board's decision to consolidate birthing services in Franklin County on Tuesday, we've received comments and questions, we've seen a petition and we've heard the plans for a protest.

We admire and honor the passion of our community; your voices have been heard. In 2013, when our board was facing a similar discussion and decision, your outpouring of support was noted and acknowledged. At that time, we chose not to vote to close the unit. Since that time, our board has exercised diligence and careful consideration, as we've looked at every option to maintain this service within WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital.

The WellSpan Summit board, which includes community members from Waynesboro – and even one who was born in this very unit – agrees that consolidating the strengths of two excellent units to better connect women and newborns in our community with resources and specialized care is the best and only decision.

Our unanimous vote, already executed, and approved by the WellSpan Health parent board, is a final decision. As we reimagine this service, our vision includes bringing the talents of the two units together and continuing our longstanding and proud tradition of welcoming new babies into this world in a safe and compassionate environment.

We want to take a moment to directly acknowledge the contributions of the WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital Family Birthing Services team: We see your commitment, your passion for this community. We know the hands you've held, the tears you've wiped, and all the moments in between that have made such a difference to your patients and our community. Our hope is those caring hearts and healing hands will continue to welcome newborns in Franklin County, and the strengths and value you bring to WellSpan will continue.

Our organization continues to invest in Waynesboro, sharing resources with valued community partners and ensuring comprehensive healthcare services that are needed by the community, are available. The WellSpan Waynesboro Medical Office Building continues to thrive and offer expert primary and specialty care, including prenatal and OB/GYN services. That WellSpan OB/GYN practice will continue to serve expectant mothers.

As proud Franklin County residents, we understand the value of having comprehensive healthcare resources here in our community. We are fortunate to have two exceptional hospitals in our county, and both have a long tradition of providing compassionate, high-quality care. We are committed to continuing that tradition, both today and for future generations. Because this is our home. These are our friends, our neighbors and our families. And the long-term health of this community is our mission.

That's why we stand united for this decision – and for a healthy Franklin County.

Nancy H. Meyers
Board Chair, WellSpan Summit Board of Directors