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Apple Hill Medical Center temporarily closed for HVAC repairs, reopening at 1 p.m. today

March 07, 2019


The Apple Hill Medical Center in York Township temporarily closed this morning for emergency repairs to the building’s heating and ventilation system. All WellSpan medical practices and services at that location will reopen by 1 p.m. today.


Impacted patients have been contacted by staff to reschedule morning appointments.


Repairs were needed to address a gas leak that was identified by staff early this morning. Crews responded and identified the leak, shutting off the gas. Staff and patients were evacuated out of an abundance of caution. No one was injured. Heat has since been restored to the building.


The nearby WellSpan Surgery and Rehabilitation Hospital, Women’s and Imaging Center, and the Bruce M. Bartels Management and Governance Center were not impacted by this incident.