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4 weight-bearing workouts

October 11, 2016


4 weight-bearing workouts

Exercise is important for bone and joint health. A regular exercise routine can help you maintain bone density and help reduce joint pain. It also has the added benefit of shedding excess weight that might stress your joints, and of helping you to maintain your balance. Everyone should aim to get at least two hours of aerobic activity each week. Here are four exercises that are beneficial for stronger bones and joints:

Walking or hiking

This is the most easily available exercise. It doesn't require equipment, special clothing or accessories. Be sure to have comfortable shoes and just start walking. When the seasons become colder or wetter, a few laps around the mall are equally as beneficial.


In order to build bones and joints, you need additional weight. You can use smaller weights or a rubber resistance band, just as long as it's enough of a workout to tire your muscles without causing joint pain. Make sure to work all of your major muscle groups, including arms, legs and core.


If you haven't dusted off the old dancing shoes in a while, now is the time. Dancing provides a workout for the whole body. The addition of music and friends makes it a fun social activity.

Climbing stairs

If you have stairs in your home or work, take them. If you're shopping, hit the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. If you have access to a tall building with lots of stairs, you can even make a game of it, trying to best your last time and height on each outing.

A consistent regimen is key to good health. Only a few minutes a day will keep you on the path to developing bones and joints that will support you for a lifetime. Remember to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.