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How to Apply

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Instructions for Applicants:

For your convenience, these instructions have been formatted as a checklist to help you proceed with your application to the WellSpan York Hospital MLS Program.

Procedure Date Completed
Print ONE copy of the Application for Admission, ONE copy of the Functional Expectations Form, and TWO copies of the Reference Form. __________
When completing the Application for Admission, be as concise as possible. If you are living on campus, please include the name of your college/university on the address line. HANDWRITE your response when completing the section on reason(s) for applying to WellSpan York Hospital on Page 2 of the Application for Admission. __________
Read and sign the Functional Expectations for MLS Students Form and submit with your application. __________
Remit a check in the amount of $30 payable to WellSpan York Hospital with your completed Application for Admission form. Mail to the address listed below (also listed on the application form). If you do not submit the application fee, your application will not be processed. __________
If you have not completed degree requirements or all of the science prerequisites, submit a list of courses you plan to take with your application. __________

Suggest several possible dates for a personal interview with the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee, which includes the program director and four faculty members, will conduct your interview. Please indicate whether morning or afternoon is convenient for your appointment.

We typically begin interviews in August and hope to complete our last interviews by October 25th. Summer interviews may be arranged, if necessary. The interview lasts about two hours and includes a tour of laboratory facilities and an opportunity to talk with either current students or a recent program graduate. Submit with your application.

If you are attending a college/university that is NOT affiliated with WellSpan York Hospital, you must submit an outline of the medical laboratory science or related science curriculum at your college/university, listing required courses, possible electives, etc. __________
Complete the box at the top of each of the Reference Forms. Submit one reference form to a biology professor/lab instructor and one reference form to a chemistry professor/lab instructor. It is appropriate to choose someone from each discipline who can address your laboratory performance in that discipline. __________

Request that the Registrar send an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT of completed college courses to:

Ed Beitz, Director-MLS Program
Allied Health Education
WellSpan York Hospital
1001 S. George St.
York, PA 17405 

An OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT is required from each college or university where you have taken any science or math course.


All materials pertinent to your application must be received by the 25th day of October the year before the class you wish to enter.