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WellSpan Administrative Fellowship

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The fellowship is designed to be a two-year experience, during which the administrative fellow will be involved in both operations management and projects. Advised and mentored by a senior vice president, who serves as the fellow’s preceptor, the fellow also receives guidance and interacts closely with all members of the executive leadership team. As a result of the high visibility of the position, opportunities during the fellowship and positions to consider post-fellowship span the entire health system.

The fellow may focus on as many aspects of the organization as desired during the two years, providing exposure to the entire structure of the organization, as well as interact and work closely with a variety of leaders at WellSpan. An interim management role is also a possibility during the fellowship if the fellow has an interest.

Specifically, fellows have the opportunity to work with:

  • Operations (Hospital and Medical Group)
  • Strategy and Marketing
  • Service Line Strategy Development
  • Human Resources
  • Nursing
  • Integration
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Population Health

To be considered for the WellSpan Health Administrative Fellowship Program, applicants must be graduating or recently graduated from an MHA program, or an MPH or MBA program with a focus in healthcare administration. Successful applicants will be community-focused, with specific career goals and demonstrated organizational, critical thinking, project management, and communication abilities.

WellSpan Health is a member of the National Council on Administrative Fellowships (NCAF), and therefore adheres to all associated application processes and deadlines. In order to apply to the WellSpan Health Administrative Fellowship, please visit the NAFCAS portal.

Please reach out to with any questions.

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Current Fellows

Ashley Paschl

Shianne Goering




Dylan Taylor

Paul Johnson


Taylor Plavchak



Joanna Suarez

Past-Fellow Testimonials

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The WellSpan Health Administrative Fellowship has shaped me into the leader I am today. It has afforded me possibilities to learn, act, and lead in various disciplines within healthcare. From the beginning of my fellowship, I had opportunities to mold my experience to gain as much exposure and enlightenment to be well-rounded within the healthcare system. I have benefitted from the roles that I have explored within my fellowship and also from the leaders that I was mentored by and with whom I worked closely. It was a unique experience to be invested in strongly by the senior leadership team and their influence has made me more confident and knowledgeable in my career at WellSpan Health.

The Fellowship Program at WellSpan Health has allowed me to grow into a transformative leader. During my fellowship, I was empowered by leaders to focus on aligning my objectives and goals with the organization. WellSpan has an extremely welcoming leadership team that focuses on “Working As One”; which creates a very exclusive and particular mentorship with multiple leaders across the system. Being able to key into multiple leaders really aided me in finding my forte in healthcare.

During my fellowship, we were impacted with the Coronavirus Pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, I was fortunate to take on multiple leading roles in high - impact work including serving as Chief of Planning and Logistics on the Incident Command team. In my short, 13 months as a fellow, I was privileged with remarkable mentorship as well as multiple projects in diverse areas which allowed me to find an interest in Hospital Operations. I am pleased to currently serve as Operations Manager at WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital. The encounters faced during the pandemic as well as the exposure I received during my fellowship has supported the path for success as my career continues to move forward.

My Administrative Fellowship was a transformative experience. WellSpan’s inviting and collaborative culture serves as the perfect foundation for fellows to immerse themselves in health system strategy and operations and take on leading roles in high-impact projects. In two short years, I was able to participate in dozens of projects and initiatives, attend leadership meetings and community events, and establish deep connections across the organization. The guidance I received from my preceptors and other leaders was pivotal in helping me to hone my skills and refine my post-fellowship career goals. The challenge and broad exposure of my fellowship undoubtedly shaped me into the professional I am today and set me up for success on my career trajectory.

My Fellowship experience at WellSpan Health offered a broad range of opportunities to learn as well as to contribute, so that I could find my niche in healthcare. The role provided me with the open doors I needed to create my growth path to leadership. WellSpan’s culture, vision and pace have kept me satisfied throughout my career and I am proud to continue to serve the organization as the Vice President of Strategy Management.

Executive Testimonials

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Our fellowship program offers a unique opportunity for fellow to experience healthcare operations and expand their leadership skills while working with executive leaders across a comprehensive health system. WellSpan is just as fortunate with being able to work with upcoming leaders on the healthcare landscape and benefit from different perspectives and ideas. It is shared-learned and innovation at its best!

We are committed to building a culture of inclusion where every team member wants to give their very best … every day. Our Administrative Fellowship plays a key part in filling our future pipeline with outstanding leadership talent.