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How to Order an Imaging Study

Below, physicians and their staff will find important information about ordering imaging exams at any WellSpan Imaging facility:

CMS Coding References

Since some studies require specific medical necessity criteria, we've provided Medicare coding references in the links below to assist you in the order-entry process. These references are excerpts from the LCD documents of the Medicare Administrative Contractor for Pennsylvania, Jurisdiction L.

Please note that these references do not preclude you from ordering any study that you determine is in the best interest of your patient. However, please be advised, that your patient may be required to accept financial responsibility for any study determined not medically necessary by Medicare.

Patient Education Materials

Please select the appropriate WellSpan hospital below for patient information materials we encourage you provide with your patients. These materials will provide patients with study purposes, procedure descriptions, what to expect, as well as preparation and post-procedure instructions.

WellSpan York Hospital

WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital