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  1. Type 2 Diabetes Information on type2diabetes. Describes how insulin is made and used by the body. Describes symptoms and how type2 is treated. Provides info on blood sugar (glucose) levels. Discusses obesity's role in type2diabetes. Discusses exercise and diet.
  2. Type 2 Diabetes in Children Covers type2diabetes in children. Discusses how obesity or being overweight is causing type2diabetes in kids. Includes info on treatment. Discusses monitoring blood sugar levels. Includes info on hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.
  3. Gestational Diabetes: Avoiding Type2Diabetes Learn what you can do to prevent getting type2diabetes after you have gestational diabetes.
  4. Insulin for Type 1 and Type2Diabetes
  5. Steps for Diagnosing Type2Diabetes
  6. Type 2 Diabetes: Screening for Adults
  7. Type 2 Diabetes: Screening for Children
  8. Prediabetes: Which Treatment Should I Use to Prevent Type2Diabetes? Guides you through the decision to use the medicine metformin, lifestyle changes, or both to prevent type2diabetes. Provides specifics about metformin and goals for lifestyle changes. Lists benefits and risks. Includes interactive tool to help you decide.
  9. Type 2 Diabetes: Can You Cure It?
  10. Noninsulin medicines for type2diabetes
  11. Diabetes, Type2: Should I Take Insulin? Guides you through the decision to take insulin for type2diabetes. Provides info on when insulin may be needed to control blood sugar levels. Covers benefits and risks of insulin. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  12. Diabetes Education on type 1 diabetes, type2diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Includes info on juvenile diabetes and prediabetes. Discusses symptoms and treatment. Also looks at how to manage blood sugar levels, diet, and medicines, including insulin.
  13. Diabetes: Preventing High Blood Sugar Emergencies Discusses preventing high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) problems in a person with diabetes. Explains emergencies in type 1 and type2diabetes. Discusses treating infections early, being prepared, and drinking plenty of liquids.
  14. Diabetes: Counting Carbs if You Don't Use Insulin Covers counting carbohydrates for people with type2diabetes who do not take insulin. Explains carb counting to manage blood sugar levels. Also explains how to count them.
  15. Prediabetes Covers warning signs that you may be at risk for type2diabetes. Includes causes and symptoms. Looks at lifestyle changes to get your blood sugar levels back to a normal range. Includes tips on diet, weight loss, and exercise.
  16. C-Peptide Discusses C-peptide test, used to tell the difference between type 1 or type2diabetes, find the cause of hypoglycemia, or check whether a pancreas tumor (insulinoma) was completely removed. Discusses how the test is done and how to prepare for it.
  17. Obesity: Should I Have Weight-Loss Surgery? Guides you through decision about weight-loss surgery. Covers health problems like high blood pressure and type2diabetes that can be caused by obesity. Lists reasons for and against surgery. Includes an interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  18. Diabetes in Children: Counting Carbs Teaches counting carbs to help you and your child plan meals to manage diabetes and control blood sugar. Explains why carb counting is important. Includes links to more info on counting carbs if you use insulin and on type 1 and type2diabetes.
  19. Diabetes: Coping With Your Feelings About Your Diet Discusses dealing with negative feelings that can interfere with your ability to follow your diet for diabetes. Provides ways to deal with negative feelings about your diet. Includes links to more info on type 1 and type2diabetes.
  20. Diabetes: Counting Carbs if You Use Insulin Teaches counting carbs to help you maintain control of your blood sugar level when you have diabetes. Explains why carb counting is important, allowing you to adjust the amount of insulin you take. Includes links to more info on type 1 and type2diabetes.
  21. Diabetes: Should I Get an Insulin Pump? Guides you through decision to get an insulin pump to manage type 1 or type2diabetes. Discusses who makes a good candidate for an insulin pump. Covers benefits and risks. Includes an interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  22. Prediabetes: Healthy Changes You Can Make Learn how to make healthy changes that can help delay or prevent type2diabetes.
  23. Diabetes in Children: Checking Blood Sugar in a Child Describes monitoring blood sugar levels in children with diabetes. Covers list of supplies needed, including blood sugar meter, testing strips, and lancet. Gives step-by-step instructions. Links to info on type 1 and type2diabetes.
  24. Diabetes: Differences Between Type 1 and 2
  25. Types of Insulin
  26. Testing Tips From a Diabetes Educator
  27. Metformin for diabetes
  28. Diabetes: Planning Your Next Steps Learn how to make an action plan to help manage diabetes.
  29. Diabetes: Checking Your Blood Sugar Describes monitoring blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. Covers list of supplies needed, including blood sugar meter, testing strips, and lancet. Gives step-by-step instructions. Links to info on type 1, type2, and gestational diabetes.
  30. Diabetes and Wound Care Learn the signs of infection with diabetes so that small skin problems don't become serious.
  31. Diabetes and Alcohol
  32. Diabetic Nephropathy Discusses diabetic nephropathy, which means kidney disease or damage caused by diabetes. Covers causes and symptoms. Discusses how it is diagnosed and treatment options, including medicines, diet, and dialysis. Offers home treatment and prevention tips.
  33. Diabetes Complications
  34. Diabetes and Infections
  35. Stress and Diabetes
  36. Diabetes: Eating Low-Glycemic Foods
  37. Diabetes: Taking Care of Your Feet
  38. How Others Manage Diabetes Hear how other people learned to do a better job managing their diabetes.
  39. Diabetes: Giving Yourself an Insulin Shot
  40. Diabetes: Testing Your Blood Sugar Learn the best way to test blood sugar. Knowing your blood sugar levels helps you manage your diabetes.
  41. Diabetes: Daily Foot Care Learn why checking your feet is important and how to do it.
  42. Diabetes: Stay in Your Target Range Learn how testing blood sugar through the day will help you stay in your target range.
  43. Diabetes: Benefits of Blood Sugar Testing Learn how testing helps you make the connection between blood sugar levels and daily activities.
  44. Pregnancy and Diabetes: Planning for Pregnancy
  45. Diabetes: Should I Get Pregnant? Guides you through decision to become pregnant when you have diabetes. Discusses getting diabetes under control. Looks at decreasing risks to mother and baby if you have uncontrolled diabetes. Includes an interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  46. Diabetes: Using a Plate Format to Plan Meals Explains using plate format as easy way to plan meals. Looks at how it helps keep your blood sugar level from going way up and down. Covers how it can be used with other meal-planning methods. Discusses how it helps you eat healthy foods.
  47. Quick Tips: Smart Snacking When You Have Diabetes
  48. Diabetes in Children: Giving Insulin Shots to a Child
  49. Diabetes in Children: Preparing a Care Plan for School
  50. Diabetes: Travel Tips
  51. Diabetes: Preparing for Pregnancy Learn what other women with diabetes have done to prepare for pregnancy.
  52. Diabetes: Preparing for Surgery Learn how to prepare for surgery when you have diabetes.
  53. Diabetes and Your Heart Learn why having diabetes raises your heart disease risk and what you can do about it.
  54. Diabetes Care Plan
  55. Diabetes: Insulin's Role Learn how insulin works and why diabetes causes high blood sugar.
  56. Diabetes: A1c Test Learn how an A1c test shows blood sugar levels over a 3-month period.
  57. Diabetes: Preparing for Pregnancy
  58. Diabetes: Staying Motivated
  59. Criteria for Diagnosing Diabetes
  60. Gestational Diabetes: Medicines Learn why you may need to take medicine when you have gestational diabetes.
  61. Complications From Diabetes
  62. Diabetes Health Professionals
  63. Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome Type II
  64. Diabetes: How Others Stay Motivated Hear how other people stay motivated to manage their diabetes.
  65. Diabetes: Cholesterol Levels
  66. Macrovascular Diabetes Complications
  67. Diabetes: Blood Sugar Levels
  68. Diabetes: Checking Your Feet
  69. Diabetes: Steps for Foot-Washing
  70. Diabetes: Protecting Your Feet
  71. Diabetes: How to Give Glucagon
  72. Diabetes: Dealing With Low Blood Sugar
  73. Teens With Diabetes: Issues for Parents
  74. Diabetes: Planning for a Healthy Pregnancy Learn what you can do to have a healthy pregnancy and baby when you have diabetes.
  75. Quick Tips: Diabetes and Shift Work
  76. Diabetes: How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy
  77. Diabetes: Food and Your Blood Sugar Learn how your body turns carbohydrate foods into blood sugar.
  78. Diabetes: Finger-Stick Test Learn how to use a finger-stick test to see how food or activity can change your blood sugar.
  79. Diabetes: Lab Tests for Nerve Problems
  80. Diabetes: Caregiving for an Older Adult
  81. Diabetes: Living With an Insulin Pump
  82. Diabetes: Tests to Watch for Complications
  83. How Diabetes Causes Blindness
  84. Diabetes: Roles on Your Care Team
  85. How Diabetes Causes Foot Problems
  86. Breastfeeding When You Have Diabetes
  87. Diabetes in Children: Food Issues at School
  88. Sick-Day Guidelines for People With Diabetes
  89. Treating Diabetic Foot Problems
  90. Diabetes: Amputation for Foot Problems
  91. Diabetes in Children: Special Camps
  92. Andy's Story: Finding Your Own Routine When You Have Diabetes
  93. Diabetes: Dealing With Low Blood Sugar From Medicines
  94. Oral Diabetes Medicines That Can Cause Low Blood Sugar
  95. Diabetes in Children: Care Plan for School or Day Care
  96. Diabetes: Dealing With Low Blood Sugar From Insulin
  97. Tips for Exercising Safely When You Have Diabetes
  98. Care of Your Skin When You Have Diabetes
  99. Care of Your Teeth and Gums When You Have Diabetes
  100. Diabetes: You Can Slow Kidney Damage Learn what you can do at home to slow down kidney damage.

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