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  1. Tennis Elbow Covers symptoms of tenniselbow, including pain around the elbow. Covers activities that increase risk, like gardening, swimming, or golf. Looks at treatment options, including surgery. Offers prevention tips, including photos of exercises that may help.
  2. Surgery for TennisElbow
  3. Tennis Elbow: Stretches and Strengthening Exercises
  4. Physical Exam for TennisElbow Covers physical exam for tenniselbow. Explains how your doctor will look at your elbow and the muscles, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels in your arm and wrist. Also explains why your doctor will check your neck. Includes what possible results mean.
  5. Tennis Elbow: Should I Have Surgery? Guides through the decision to have surgery for tenniselbow (also called lateral epicondylitis). Explains how surgery is done. Covers risks. Lists reasons for and against surgery. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  6. Elbow Problems, Noninjury Looks at conditions, such as gout, pinched nerve, bursitis, tenniselbow, and golfer's elbow, that may cause elbow problems. Offers interactive tool to help you decide when to see the doctor. Covers home treatment and prevention tips.
  7. Bones, Joints, and Muscles Has info on finger, hand, and wrist problems as well as shoulder injuries. Also has info on osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia with links to low back pain exercises and info on tenniselbow surgery.
  8. Elbow Injuries Covers common causes of elbow injuries. Discusses injuries caused by sudden injury and those caused by overuse. Discusses treatment options. Offers interactive tool to help you decide when to see a doctor. Covers home treatment and prevention tips.
  9. Elbow Bursitis and Tendon Injury: Preventing Pain

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