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  1. Skin Cancer: Protecting Your Skin
  2. Leg Injuries Helps you check symptoms of leg injuries caused during sports or recreational activities, work-related tasks, and work or projects around home. Includes bruises, swelling, sprains, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Discusses treatment and prevention.
  3. Facial Injuries
  4. Fishhook Injuries
  5. Cut That Removes All Layers of Skin
  6. Sunburn: Skin Types
  7. Skin Cancer Screening
  8. Skin Cancer Prevention: How to Check Your Skin Learn how to check your skin for possible signs of skin cancer.
  9. Nail Problems and Injuries
  10. Groin Problems and Injuries Discusses groin problems and injuries. Looks at acute injuries, hernias, rashes, and other groin problems in children. Covers signs and symptoms. Offers home treatment and prevention tips. Covers emergencies such as severe pain and signs of shock.
  11. Pressure Injuries
  12. Protecting Your Skin From the Sun Covers possible effects of sun exposure, including sunburn and skin cancer. Explains UVA and UVB rays. Offers tips for children and adults on how much time to spend in the sun. Discusses protective clothing and sunscreen protection, including proper SPF.
  13. Alcohol Increases the Risk of Cold Injury
  14. Caregiving: Skin Care for Immobile Adults
  15. Pressure Injuries: Stages
  16. Protecting Your Skin From the Sun Get tips on how to stay safe in the sun.
  17. Leg Problems, Noninjury Helps you check symptoms of leg problems not caused by injury. Covers symptoms like pain, swelling, cramps, numbness, tingling, weakness, and lumps and bumps under the skin. Includes pictures of bones of lower leg, thigh, and muscles and tendons.
  18. Eye Injury: First Aid for Minor Cuts
  19. Puncture Wounds: Stitches, Staples, and Skin Adhesives
  20. Eye Injury: First Aid for a Black Eye
  21. Care of Your Skin When You Have Diabetes
  22. Facial Problems, Noninjury
  23. Complications of Pressure Injuries
  24. Pressure Injuries: Prevention and Treatment
  25. Pressure Injuries: Conditions That Affect Healing
  26. Pressure Injuries: Pressure-Relieving Devices and Supports
  27. Finger, Hand, and Wrist Problems, Noninjury Covers finger, hand, and wrist problems caused by medical conditions and overuse. Offers symptom check list. Includes worksheet to help you decide when to call a doctor. Offers home treatment and prevention tips.
  28. Jellyfish Stings: Allergic Reaction
  29. Tuberculosis Screening
  30. Alkali Burns
  31. Torn or Detached Nail
  32. Chemical Burn
  33. Puncture Wounds
  34. First Aid for Tar or Plastic Burns
  35. Blisters Discusses causes of blisters, including injury and infection. Offers symptom checklist to help you decide when to call a doctor. Offers home treatment and prevention tips.
  36. Nervous System Problems Describes what happens when diseases or injuries affect the nervous system. Covers emergency symptoms like loss of consciousness, seizure, or confusion or behavior changes. Includes interactive tool to help you decide when to call a doctor.
  37. Animal and Human Bites Discusses what to do for animal or human bites. Covers puncture wounds, cuts, scrapes, and crushing injuries. Covers bites by adults and kids, dogs and cats, and wild animals. Covers home treatment. Includes tool to help you decide when to call a doctor.
  38. Caregiving: How to Help With a Sink Bath
  39. Changes in Your Nails
  40. Artificial Nails: Problems and Treatment
  41. Indoor Tanning: Is It Safe?
  42. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Learn how a negative pressure device helps heal your wound and what to expect when you take the device home.
  43. Caring for Your Feeding Tube Learn how to care for a feeding tube at home.
  44. Caring for a Drain After Surgery Learn how to care for a surgical drain at home.
  45. Treating Weak or Brittle Nails
  46. Color Changes in Nails
  47. Shingles Vaccine: What You Need to Know
  48. Removing a Fishhook
  49. Age-Related Foot Changes
  50. Tattoo and Piercing Safety
  51. Marine Stings and Scrapes
  52. Scrapes
  53. Sun Protection to Prevent Sunburn
  54. Ultraviolet Rays From the Sun
  55. Ticks: How to Avoid and Remove Ticks
  56. Preventing Flea Bites
  57. Stopping Facial Bleeding
  58. Insect Repellents
  59. Needle Punctures for Health Reasons
  60. Body Piercing Healing Times
  61. Cuts
  62. Breathing Smoke or Fumes
  63. Sunburn
  64. Preventing Blisters
  65. Caregiving: Preventing Rashes in the Groin Area
  66. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Rash From Indirect Contact
  67. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Tips for Washing
  68. Accidental Needle Sticks
  69. Cold Temperature Exposure
  70. Diabetes: Taking Care of Your Feet
  71. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Tips for Removing Plants
  72. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Barrier Lotions and Creams
  73. Removing an Object From a Wound
  74. Care for Minor Burns Learn how to treat minor burns and prevent infection, and when to see a doctor.
  75. Shingles: Should I Get a Shot to Prevent Shingles? Topic guides you through the decision to get the shingles vaccine. Explains your chances of getting shingles and how well the shot works. Lists risks and benefits of getting the shot. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  76. Bowel Disease: Caring for Your Ostomy
  77. Preventing Spider Bites
  78. Jellyfish Sting: Home Treatment
  79. Chili Pepper Burns
  80. Caregiving: How to Turn Someone in Bed
  81. Other Home Treatment Measures for a First-Degree Burn or Sunburn
  82. Home Treatment for Second-Degree Burns
  83. First Aid for Electrical Burns
  84. Estimating the Size of a Burn
  85. Determining the Seriousness of a Burn
  86. Acid Burns
  87. First Aid for Chemical Burns
  88. Child Safety: Preventing Burns
  89. How a Scrape Heals
  90. Controlling Dust, Dust Mites, and Other Allergens in Your Home
  91. Burns and Electric Shock
  92. Diabetes: Checking Your Feet
  93. Diabetes: Steps for Foot-Washing
  94. Diabetes: Protecting Your Feet

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