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  1. Chlamydia Tests
  2. Why Get a Chlamydia Test? Learn why getting a chlamydia test is important.
  3. Toxoplasmosis Test for Fetus
  4. Toxoplasmosis Test Discusses toxoplasmosis test, a blood test that checks pregnant women for antibodies to the Toxoplasma gondii parasite. Covers why and how it is done. Also discusses what results mean. Offers link to more info on toxoplasmosis during pregnancy.
  5. Helicobacter Pylori Tests
  6. Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing
  7. STI Testing: Should I Get Tested for a Sexually Transmitted Infection? Guides through the decision to be screened for sexually transmitted infections. Explains STIs and discusses causes and lifestyles that put you at higher risk for getting infected. Covers benefits and risks of testing. Includes an interactive tool to help you decide.

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