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  1. Heart Attack and Unstable Angina Covers causes of heartattack (myocardialinfarction) and unstable angina. Discusses symptoms like chest pain or pressure. Explains MI and angina differences. Offers prevention tips. Covers diagnostic tests and treatment with medicines and surgery.
  2. Is It a HeartAttack? Hear a story about how heart attacks may feel different than you expect.
  3. How a HeartAttack Happens Get a clear, simple explanation of what happens in a heartattack.
  4. Interactive Tool: How Does Smoking Increase Your Risk of HeartAttack? Interactive tool shows how smoking increases your chance of having a heartattack in the next 10 years.
  5. Heart Attack and Stroke Risk Screening
  6. Plaque, Platelets, and HeartAttack Learn how natural processes in your blood vessels can become a problem and cause a heartattack.
  7. How to Prevent a Second HeartAttack Learn how medicines and a healthy lifestyle help protect you from another heartattack.
  8. Aspirin to Prevent HeartAttack and Stroke Discusses taking aspirin to prevent a first and second heartattack for people who have coronary artery disease. Covers aspirin therapy to help lower risk of a stroke. Discusses if aspirin therapy is for you. Looks at things to avoid while taking aspirin.
  9. Beta-Blockers After a HeartAttack Learn how beta-blocker medicine helps your heart heal after a heartattack.
  10. Coronary Artery Disease: Your Risk for HeartAttack Learn how to lower your risk for heartattack.
  11. Statins Are Important After a HeartAttack Learn why taking a statin pill is such an important part of your treatment.
  12. Thrombolytics for HeartAttack and Stroke
  13. Heart Attack and Stroke Risk Screening
  14. Smoking: HeartAttack and Stroke Risks
  15. Learning About Risk for HeartAttack and Stroke Learn what raises your risk for having a heartattack or stroke and how you can lower your risk.
  16. Aspirin: Should I Take Daily Aspirin to Prevent a HeartAttack or Stroke? Guides people who have not had a heartattack or a stroke through decision to take daily aspirin. Discusses benefits and risks. Looks at who can take daily aspirin. Includes interactive tool to help you decide.
  17. Why Beta-Blockers Are Important After a HeartAttack See how beta-blocker medicines work in your body and can help prevent another heartattack.
  18. Beta-Blockers for HeartAttack and Unstable Angina Looks at medicines to help people who have unstable angina or those having a heartattack. Lists generic and brand names such as metoprolol (Lopressor) and penbutolol (Levatol). Covers how they work and side effects.
  19. Statins: Should I Take Them to Prevent a HeartAttack or Stroke? Guides people not already diagnosed with heart disease through decision to take statin medicine to lower risk of heartattack or stroke. Covers cholesterol and other risk factors. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  20. Alan's Story: Coping With Change After a HeartAttack
  21. Low-Dose Aspirin to Prevent a HeartAttack See why your doctor prescribed low-dose aspirin for your heart.
  22. Resuming Sexual Activity After a HeartAttack
  23. Heart Attack: How to Prevent Another One
  24. Physical Activity Helps Prevent a HeartAttack and Stroke
  25. Acute Coronary Syndrome Covers angina and symptoms that happen when the heart does not get enough blood. Covers unstable angina and heartattack. Discusses treatment with medicines, angioplasty, or bypass surgery. Offers prevention tips.
  26. Heart Attack and Stroke in Women: Reducing Your Risk Covers risk of heart disease and stroke in women. Lists things that increase risk. Lists prevention steps, such as diet, exercise, not smoking, managing cholesterol and blood pressure, and making decisions on birth control and hormone therapy.
  27. Diabetes: Lower Your Risk for HeartAttack and Stroke
  28. Coronary Artery Disease: Every Step Matters Learn how heart disease affects you and how to help prevent a heartattack.
  29. Cholesterol: How It Raises Your Risk Learn how high cholesterol raises your risk for heartattack and stroke.
  30. Cardiac Rehabilitation Discusses cardiac rehabilitation (rehab), which helps you feel better and reduce risk of future heart problems with exercise and lifestyle changes. Looks at rehab for people who have heart conditions such as heartattack, heart surgery, or heart failure.
  31. What Is Clot-Busting (Thrombolytic) Treatment? Learn how clot-busting medicines are used for emergencies like stroke and heartattack.
  32. Cardiac Rehab: What Is It? Learn how cardiac rehab works and how it can help you get stronger and feel better.
  33. Cardiac Rehab: How It Can Help Hear how cardiac rehab helped others have less fear and be more sure about how to live with a heart problem.
  34. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Exercise
  35. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Lifestyle Changes
  36. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Hospital Program
  37. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Home Program
  38. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Outpatient Program
  39. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Maintenance Program
  40. Cardiac Rehabilitation Team
  41. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Weight and Resistance Training
  42. Blood Thinners Other Than Warfarin: Taking Them Safely
  43. Smoking and Coronary Artery Disease
  44. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Medicine and Exercise
  45. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Monitoring Your Body's Response to Exercise

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