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  1. Hearing Loss Includes info on hearingloss. Discusses causes and symptoms like tinnitus, muffled hearing, and vertigo. Covers exams and tests used to diagnose hearingloss. Discusses treatment with medicine, hearing aids, or cochlear implant.
  2. Medicines That Cause HearingLoss
  3. Ear Infection and HearingLoss
  4. Noise-Induced HearingLoss
  5. Age-Related HearingLoss
  6. Hearing Loss: Should I Get Hearing Aids? Guides through decision to get hearing aids. Explains the types of hearing aids, how they work, and how they are best used. Covers benefits and risks. Includes an interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  7. Senior Health Provides links to how-to information on special health concerns of seniors. Includes healthy aging, sexuality, hearingloss, osteoporosis, and walking for fitness. Also covers writing an advance directive.
  8. Hearing Aids
  9. Hearing Tests
  10. Hearing Protectors
  11. Screening for Hearing Problems
  12. Evaluating Your Child's Hearing
  13. Weight-Loss Surgery: How Others Decided Hear what other people thought about as they decided whether to have weight-loss surgery.
  14. Harmful Noise Levels
  15. Cochlear Implants
  16. Cochlear Implants and Meningitis

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