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  1. Children's Growth Chart
  2. Growth and Development Milestones
  3. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Growth Problems
  4. Growth and Development, Ages 2 to 5 Years Discusses normal growth and development of children ages 2 to 5. Covers physical growth, language skills, toilet training, and eating and sleeping habits. Also discusses how kids think and manage their feelings. Includes info on routine medical visits.
  5. Children's Health Provides links to info on child growth and development topics. Also includes links to info on illnesses that might affect a child's health. Topics listed include immunizations, healthy eating for children, and asthma inchildren.
  6. Growth and Development, Ages 6 to 10 Years
  7. Growth and Development, Ages 11 to 14 Years
  8. Growth and Development: Helping Your Child Build Self-Esteem
  9. Healthy Eating for Children Covers eating a variety of foods so that your child gets the nutrients he or she needs for normal growth. Looks at how much food is good for your child and how you can help your child eat well and be healthy. Explains how to help a child who is overweight.
  10. Fetal Alcohol Effects: Behavior and Learning Problems
  11. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus
  12. Milestones for 4-Year-Olds
  13. Milestones for 5-Year-Olds
  14. Milestones for 7-Year-Olds
  15. Milestones for 8-Year-Olds
  16. Milestones for 9-Year-Olds
  17. Milestones for 10-Year-Olds
  18. Milestones for 6-Year-Olds
  19. Milestones for Ages 11 to 14
  20. Adolescent Sensory and Motor Development
  21. Skin Changes Discusses common skin changes and possible causes. Includes info on skin cancer. Includes home treatment tips for adults and children.
  22. Fetal Alcohol Effects: How to Help Your Child

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