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  1. Hip Fracture Covers causes of hip fractures. Includes list of things that increase risk. Describes symptoms and how hip fractures are diagnosed. Covers treatment choices. Offers prevention tips, including ways to slow osteoporosis.
  2. Avulsion Fracture
  3. Fractured Rib Discusses symptoms of a fractured rib, such as pain and difficulty when breathing and pain around fractured area. Covers how fractured ribs are diagnosed. Looks at treatment choices. Offers home care tips to prevent pneumonia.
  4. Hip Fracture Surgery Learn about surgery to repair a broken or fractured hip and what to expect.
  5. Medicines, Osteoporosis, and Fractures
  6. Broken Nose (Nasal Fracture) Covers how broken noses can happen. Discusses symptoms such as nose pain, swelling, and crooked or bent appearance. Covers diagnosis and treatment. Also covers possible complications, such as infection and breathing difficulty.
  7. Osteoporosis: After Your Fracture Learn why taking your osteoporosis medicine is so important.
  8. Hip Fracture Repair (Hip Pinning)
  9. Navicular (Scaphoid) Fracture of the Wrist Discusses a break in the navicular (scaphoid) bone, one of the bones in the wrist. Covers causes and symptoms, such as pain, tenderness, and swelling. Discusses diagnosis using X-rays. Covers treatment with arm cast, splint, or surgery.
  10. Hip Fractures: What Increases Your Risk
  11. Broken Toe Briefly covers symptoms and diagnosis of a broken toe. Discusses treatment options, which include home care and surgery.
  12. Injury to the Tailbone (Coccyx)
  13. Blocked Tear Ducts: Infracturing
  14. Hip Repair Surgery: Returning Home Get tips on how to take care of yourself at home after hip repair surgery.
  15. Nose Injuries
  16. Chipped or Broken Tooth or Dental Appliance
  17. After Childbirth: Pelvic Bone Problems
  18. Mouth and Dental Injuries Discusses common injuries such as a chipped or broken tooth, mouth pain, or a puncture or tear in your lip, tongue, or inside your mouth. Offers home treatment and prevention tips. Includes interactive tool to help you decide when to call a doctor.
  19. Facial Injuries
  20. Toe, Foot, and Ankle Injuries Discusses common toe, foot, and ankle injuries. Covers home treatment and basic foot care. Offers injury prevention tips.
  21. Broken Collarbone (Clavicle)
  22. Finger, Hand, and Wrist Injuries Details types of injuries to the fingers, hands, and wrists. Discusses possible emergency situations. Includes worksheet to help you decide when to seek care. Offers home treatment and prevention tips.
  23. Cast Care Tips Discusses casts, which are used when a bone is broken. Covers how to care for casts and deal with swelling. Discusses complications that may require emergency care.
  24. Hip Replacement: When Can You Be Active Again? Learn how long it may take to start doing daily activities again after a hip replacement.
  25. Types of Chest Injuries
  26. Arm Injuries
  27. Elbow Injuries Covers common causes of elbow injuries. Discusses injuries caused by sudden injury and those caused by overuse. Discusses treatment options. Offers interactive tool to help you decide when to see a doctor. Covers home treatment and prevention tips.
  28. Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty
  29. Shoulder Problems and Injuries
  30. Broken Tooth or Dental Appliance: First Aid
  31. Cervical Spinal Fusion
  32. Back Problems and Injuries
  33. Knee Problems and Injuries Looks at sudden injuries like meniscus tears or torn ligaments that cause knee pain. Covers injuries like bursitis and tendinitis caused by overuse. Includes tool to help you decide when to call a doctor. Offers home treatment and prevention tips.
  34. Head Injury, Age 4 and Older Looks at common causes of minor and serious head injuries. Discusses possible head injury emergencies. Offers tool to help you check symptoms and decide when to call a doctor. Offers home treatment and prevention tips.
  35. Mouth Wounds: How to Stop Bleeding
  36. Dental Implants
  37. Hip Injuries, Age 11 and Younger
  38. Hip Injuries, Age 12 and Older
  39. Leg Injuries Helps you check symptoms of leg injuries caused during sports or recreational activities, work-related tasks, and work or projects around home. Includes bruises, swelling, sprains, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Discusses treatment and prevention.
  40. Antley Bixler Syndrome
  41. Head Injury, Age 3 and Younger Provides overview of head injuries in those age 3 and younger. Offers tool to help you check symptoms and decide when to see doctor. Discusses emergency symptoms and when to seek care. Offers prevention tips.

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