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  1. Eye Problems inChildren: Signs to Look For
  2. Pinkeye (Conjunctivitis) Discusses pinkeye (conjunctivitis). Covers what causes it and symptoms. Offers home treatment tips. Also offers tips to prevent spreading it. Includes pictures of normal eye and one with pinkeye.
  3. Amblyopia: Wearing an Eye Patch
  4. Cataracts inChildren
  5. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Inflammatory Eye Disease
  6. Amblyopia
  7. Strabismus
  8. Trabeculotomy for Congenital Glaucoma Looks at surgery for children who have congenital glaucoma. Covers risks and how well it works.
  9. Goniotomy for Congenital Glaucoma Covers surgery used to treat congenital glaucoma inchildren. Looks at what to expect after surgery, how well it works, and risks.
  10. How Diabetes Causes Blindness
  11. Types of Strabismus
  12. Medical History and Physical Exam for Nearsightedness
  13. Blocked Tear Ducts: Dye Disappearance Test
  14. Blocked Tear Ducts: Intubation
  15. Blocked Tear Ducts: Infracturing
  16. Blocked Tear Ducts: Balloon Dacryocystoplasty

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