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  1. Diabetes Education on type1diabetes, type2diabetes, andgestationaldiabetes. Includes info on juvenile diabetesand prediabetes. Discusses symptoms and treatment. Also looks at how to manage blood sugar levels, diet, and medicines, including insulin.
  2. Diabetes: Checking Your Blood Sugar Describes monitoring blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. Covers list of supplies needed, including blood sugar meter, testing strips, and lancet. Gives step-by-step instructions. Links to info on type1, type2, andgestationaldiabetes.
  3. Diabetes: Giving Yourself an Insulin Shot
  4. Breastfeeding When You Have Diabetes
  5. Home Blood Glucose Test Discusses test to measure blood sugar (glucose) levels in those who have diabetes. Covers why and how it is done. Looks at what might affect the test. Covers risks.

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