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  1. Croup
  2. Epinephrine for Croup
  3. Glucocorticoids for Croup
  4. Croup: Managing a Croup Attack
  5. Managing a Croup Attack Learn how to use home treatment to stop a cough from croup.
  6. Infant and Toddler Health Provides links to topics that cover common parenting questions about infant and toddler health. Includes info on how to stop thumb-sucking, how to manage an episode of croup, and whether to give your child antibiotics for an ear infection.
  7. Lungs and Airways Has info on general coughs, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and COPD. Also has chest X-ray info and interactive topics on bronchitis and croup.
  8. Barking Coughs in Children
  9. Why Children Don't Need Antibiotics for Colds or Flu Learn why antibiotics shouldn't be prescribed to children who have a cold or flu.

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