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  1. Choosing ChildCare
  2. Child Care: Interviewing Care Providers
  3. Group ChildCare Center Policies
  4. Group ChildCare: Activities
  5. Communicating Effectively With a ChildCare Provider
  6. Group ChildCare: Health and Safety
  7. Child Care: Qualifications for Providers
  8. Child Care: Hidden Costs
  9. Child Care Providers: Licensing Standards
  10. Child Care: When to Keep Your Child at Home
  11. Food Handling and Preparation in a ChildCare Setting
  12. Emergency Procedures for Group ChildCare Facilities
  13. Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards for Group ChildCare Facilities
  14. Rules of Conduct for Children in a Group ChildCare Center
  15. Using an Agency to Find Individual ChildCare
  16. Child Care Providers: Safe Child-Staff Ratio and Group Size
  17. Children's Health Provides links to info on child growth and development topics. Also includes links to info on illnesses that might affect a child's health. Topics listed include immunizations, healthy eating for children, and asthma in children.
  18. Parenting Provides links to info for parents. Includes information on healthy eating, protecting your child from infections, immunizations, choosing childcare, healthy habits for kids, helping your child avoid drugs, and helping your child with stress.
  19. Your Child and the Dentist
  20. Type 1 Diabetes: Your Child's Role in Care
  21. Taking Care of Yourself When Your Child Is Sick
  22. Congenital Heart Defects: Caring for Your Child
  23. Hip Dysplasia: Caring for Your Child in a Body (Spica) Cast
  24. Type 1 Diabetes in Children: Caring for Your Child
  25. ADHD: Taking Care of Yourself When Your Child Has ADHD
  26. Long-Acting Bronchodilators for Your Child Learn why a long-acting bronchodilator might be added to your child's asthma medicine.
  27. Helping Your Child Deal With Asthma Learn how to help your child deal with asthma and asthma treatments.
  28. Asthma Action Plan for Your Child Learn how following an asthma action plan can help you control your child's asthma.
  29. Brushing and Flossing a Child's Teeth
  30. Taking Care of Yourself When You Have a Child With Physical, Emotional, or Behavioral Problems
  31. Asthma: Keeping Your Child Out of the Hospital Learn ways to prevent a return trip to the emergency room for your child with asthma.
  32. Epilepsy: Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Learn how to keep your child with epilepsy safer at home, outdoors, and at school.
  33. Coping When Your Child Is Near the End of Life
  34. Down Syndrome: Helping Your Child Dress Independently
  35. Caring for Adults With Autism
  36. Ear Infections in Children Learn about ear infections and how you can care for your child at home.
  37. Medical Specialists Info on healthcare professionals with training in specific areas. Links to info on physicians and other specialty doctors. Also includes links to info on other health professionals like physician assistants. Offers tips on preparing for appointments.
  38. Autism: Behavioral Training and Management
  39. Teens: Overweight? You're in Charge Hear how one teen got motivated to take charge of his weight and eating habits.
  40. Growth and Development, Newborn
  41. How to Calm a Crying Baby Learn some tried-and-true ways to comfort your crying baby.
  42. Independent Living for People With Disabilities
  43. Ways to Comfort a Crying Baby
  44. Sex After Childbirth
  45. Ways to Comfort a Baby in the Hospital
  46. Tips for Parents of Children With Epilepsy

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