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  1. Cardiac Rehabilitation Discusses cardiac rehabilitation (rehab), which helps you feel better and reduce risk of future heart problems with exercise and lifestyle changes. Looks at rehab for people who have heart conditions such as heart attack, heart surgery, or heart failure.
  2. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Medicine and Exercise
  3. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Monitoring Your Body's Response to Exercise
  4. Heart Failure: Being Active Learn how exercise is good for your heart and how to be active and safe.
  5. Heart Failure: Activity and Exercise Tells how to exercise to improve health with congestive heart failure. Includes need for doctor's okay and exercise plan. Includes tips on physical activity like stretching, walking, swimming, lifting weights, yoga, and tai chi.
  6. Heart Failure: Your Reason to Be Active Find what motivates you to add a little activity to your life and benefit your heart.
  7. Enjoying Life When You Have Heart Failure
  8. Physical Activity Helps Prevent a Heart Attack and Stroke

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