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  1. Asthma: Symptoms of Difficulty Breathing
  2. Short-Acting Beta2-Agonists for Quick Relief of AsthmaSymptoms Looks at bronchodilator medicines for asthma. Lists generic and brand names, such as albuterol (Proventil), levalbuterol (Xopenex), and terbutaline. Info on how well beta-2 agonists work, side effects, and warning not to overuse.
  3. Allergic Reaction Covers commons allergies, including food, medicine, insect stings, and animals. Covers seasonal allergies like hay fever. Offers home treatment and prevention tips. Includes interactive tool to help you decide when to call a doctor.
  4. Asthma in Children Discusses causes and symptoms of asthma in children. Looks at treatment with medicine such as inhaled corticosteroid and albuterol. Discusses avoiding triggers and treating attacks. Covers using nebulizers, metered-dose with spacer and dry powder inhalers.
  5. Asthma: Taking Charge of Your Asthma Covers control of asthma with asthma action plan. Includes working with doctor on a plan and medicines for symptoms and attacks. Includes use of controller medicine and peak flow meter. Reviews avoiding triggers and keeping asthma diary.
  6. Dealing With Asthma Triggers Learn how to avoid common asthma triggers to better control your symptoms.
  7. Asthma in Teens and Adults Covers causes and symptoms of asthma in teens and adults. Includes info on avoiding triggers and treating attacks. Looks at treatment with controller medicine. Covers delivery systems that include metered-dose and dry powder inhalers and nebulizers.
  8. Stories From People Controlling Their Asthma Hear how others with asthma have learned to control their symptoms.
  9. Asthma Provides links to how-to information about asthma. Includes info on asthma in teens and adults, using an asthma action plan, and using inhalers.
  10. Adverse Reactions to Medicines
  11. Hysterectomy: Emotional Reactions
  12. Medicines and Other Substances That Can Cause Symptoms of Depression
  13. Asthma and Wheezing
  14. Symptoms of Schizophrenia
  15. Classification of Asthma
  16. Asthma Triggers
  17. Asthma and GERD
  18. Occupational Asthma
  19. Asthma Attack
  20. Anticholinergics for Asthma
  21. Stroke Symptoms
  22. Symptoms of Pregnancy
  23. Symptoms of Depression
  24. Asthma Diary
  25. Jellyfish Stings: Allergic Reaction
  26. Medicines for Erection Problems: Reactions With Nitrate
  27. Toxic Reaction to Insect or Spider Venom
  28. Allergic Reaction to Tattoo Dye
  29. Asthma: Using an Asthma Action Plan Covers using an asthma action plan for asthma attacks. Explains green, yellow, and red zones in an action plan. Covers what medicines to take in each zone. Reviews what to do if an attack becomes an emergency.
  30. Nebulizer for Asthma Treatment
  31. Symptoms of Lyme Disease
  32. Symptoms Before a Migraine
  33. Hyperthyroidism: Medicines for Symptoms
  34. Challenge Tests for Asthma
  35. Exercise-Induced Asthma
  36. Asthma Treatment Goals
  37. Asthma: Controlling Cockroaches
  38. Allergy Shots for Asthma
  39. Symptoms of Depression in Children
  40. Parkinson's Disease: Other Symptoms
  41. PTSD: Signs and Symptoms Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  42. Asthma Action Plan Learn how following an asthma action plan can help you take control of your asthma.
  43. Inhaled corticosteroids for asthma
  44. Symptoms of Ear Infection
  45. Heatstroke: Emergency Symptoms
  46. Symptoms of Pelvic Infection
  47. Cough Symptoms in Children
  48. Heart Failure Symptoms
  49. Monitoring Asthma Treatment
  50. Asthma During Pregnancy Covers questions about asthma during pregnancy and labor. Looks at treatment with medicines including inhaled albuterol, budesonide, salmeterol, and formoterol. Includes treatment of allergies. Covers safety of steroids for pregnant mother and baby.
  51. Asthma Action Plan
  52. ADHD: Symptoms in Adults
  53. HIV Symptoms in Children
  54. Soy for Menopause Symptoms
  55. Healthwise Symptom Checker Healthwise Symptom Checker
  56. Other Conditions With Symptoms Similar to Spinal Stenosis
  57. Asthma and Vocal Cord Problems
  58. Bell's Palsy: Conditions With Similar Symptoms
  59. Asthma Action Plan: Green Zone
  60. Asthma: How to Overcome Treatment Obstacles
  61. Symptoms of Severe Anxiety and Panic
  62. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Systemic Symptoms
  63. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Neck Symptoms
  64. Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar
  65. Symptoms of High Blood Sugar
  66. Gallstone Symptoms: When Surgery Is Needed
  67. PMS: Ways to Record Your Symptoms
  68. Hyperthyroidism: Age-Related Symptoms
  69. Asthma's Impact on Your Child's Life
  70. Asthma Action Plan: Yellow Zone
  71. Asthma Action Plan: Red Zone
  72. Asthma: Overcoming Obstacles to Taking Medicines
  73. Asthma in Older Adults: Managing Treatment
  74. Asthma: Educating Yourself and Your Child
  75. Theophylline for Long-Term Control of Asthma
  76. Sexual Abuse: Signs and Symptoms
  77. Heart Rhythm Problems: Diary of Symptoms
  78. Heart Failure: Track Your Symptoms Learn to keep track of your symptoms to help manage your heart failure.
  79. Steroid Medicine for Asthma: Myths and Facts
  80. Asthma Action Plan for Your Child Learn how following an asthma action plan can help you control your child's asthma.
  81. Helping Your Child Deal With Asthma Learn how to help your child deal with asthma and asthma treatments.
  82. Teenagers: Feeling Different Because of Asthma Learn how expressing your negative feelings about asthma will help you feel better.
  83. Atrial Fibrillation: Managing Your Symptoms Learn how to manage your symptoms and live better with a-fib.
  84. Heart Failure: Daily Symptom Checks Learn how to easily check your symptoms daily so you can stay healthy.
  85. Heart Failure: Learn to Recognize Symptoms Learn how checking your symptoms every day helps you manage your heart failure.
  86. Asthma: Measuring Peak Flow
  87. Asthma: Identifying Your Triggers
  88. Treating Asthma in Babies and Younger Children
  89. Asthma: Using an Inhaler and Spacer Learn the correct way to use a spacer with your inhaler.
  90. Asthma: Myths About Inhaled Steroids Learn common myths about inhaled steroids, which are some of the best medicines for controlling asthma.
  91. Asthma: The Importance of Controller Medicines Learn why your controller medicines are so important.
  92. Asthma: What Happens in Your Lungs Learn what's going on in the lungs that can make it hard to breathe when you have asthma.
  93. Inhaled quick-relief medicines for asthma
  94. Heart Rhythm Problems: Symptoms
  95. Bites and Stings: Flu-Like Symptoms
  96. Tick Bites: Flu-Like Symptoms
  97. Sexually Transmitted Infections: Symptoms in Women
  98. Heart Failure: Less Common Symptoms
  99. Cluster Headaches: Conditions With Similar Symptoms
  100. American Urological Association Symptom Index

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